Intuition is a powerful business tool. Use it. – Maggie Wilderotter

How do I infuse my woo-woo into my success and business? Oracle cards!

I’ve found that you don’t have to separate your spirituality and your business. When these two parts of you co-exist, they become even more powerful and magical.

Once you start to realize that your success is a direct reflection of your energetic vibration, you’ll be able to see the parts of your business that are working perfectly…and those that are out of alignment.

I’ve been using oracle cards for 10 years in my spiritual journey and business which is what led me to create the Shine from the Inside Oracle™. This is the perfect deck to use when you need empowerment to overcome self-doubt and show up with confidence.

Today I’m going to share 3 simple spreads that I use to call more success into my business and help me gain clarity about my purpose.

Daily Draw – Pull One Card:

Spiritual practices don’t need to be complicated. A daily draw is a simple way to tap into your intuition each day.

Start by shuffling the cards with the intention of uncovering the message you need to hear, and the first card that flips over or pops out is the one you need to pay attention to! Don’t ignore your gut feeling on this one.


  1. Ask “What do I need to know today?”
  2. Pull one card.
  3. Allow the message to come through. Some days you will know right away what the message applies to, and some days you will look back and see how the message showed up throughout your day.

Past, Present, and Future – 3 Card Spread:

The three-card spread allows you to discern what’s happening in your present moment, what you can leave behind, and what changes are happening as you move into a new future.

If you’re experiencing major changes in your life right now, a 3-card spread will help you find clarity and direction.

This spread is a fun way to get a clear vision of your current reality. Change is always happening, and oracle cards can help us tune into our own intuition, which makes us feel grounded and supported through the process.


  1. Ask “Where am I now?” Then draw the 1st card and place it in the middle. This represents the present moment.
  2. Ask “What have I left behind?” Draw 2nd card and place it to the left. This represents the past.
  3. Ask “What am I headed towards?” Draw 3rd card and place it to the right. This represents the future.

Yearly Astrological – Pull 12 Cards:

I keep things simple, so I only do this spread once a year. In this astrological reading, I pull 12 cards and put them in a circle to represent the months of the year. 

This reading will help you create an energetic blueprint for the coming year.

You can do this reading at any time that feels good to you, but I like to start with the month of April because this is when the Zodiac calendar begins. I like to set goals in the spring because that’s when I feel energized to make changes and shifts.


  1. Draw 12 cards and place them in a circle.
  2. Write the months of the year on a piece of paper, starting with April if you want to be aligned with the Zodiac calendar. 
  3. Turn over the cards one at a time, and write the message you receive from each card next to the corresponding month,
  4. Use the messages from the cards to guide you energetically throughout the year.

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