There's no "one-size-fits-all" approach to life or biz

We each have our own unique sparkle magic within that we were meant to share with the world.

We spend most of our lives fighting it, then the next decade hiding and hating it, followed by somehow being forced to rediscover yourself after you've buried your soul's voice beneath fear, doubt, and judgement.

Getting back in touch with who you really are and developing trust in your intuition are two key ingredients for fulfilling your purpose.

All you have to do to live the life of your dreams is to DECIDE.

Easy right? In theory, yes, but somewhere along the way - you've forgotten your birthright. The freedom of choice.

It's true that you don't get to choose the circumstance, buuuut you CAN choose how you feel about it and that's where confidence comes in.


You are in charge of your destiny and I’m going to help you design it.

Right now, we're at a time of transformation and we must answer the call to make the internal shift out of our headspace and into living a heart-led life.

When you learn to shift from FEAR into LOVE, you’ll be astonished by how easily everything begins to flow. 

By taking care of YOU first, you reclaim your power while simultaneously creating the life and business of your dreams. #winwin

I help the healers heal and the leaders lead with love.

I've worked with thousands of women over the last decade and I've found six key areas of self-love struggle that come up for so many women when pursing their dreams.

Not only will we cover these topics, but I'll intuitively guide your soul through the next phase of spiritual growth and transformation.

Whether you're going through a spiritual awakening or you're trying to birth your business into the world I am here to guide you to the next level of growth.

struggle with making self-care a priority?

After running 3 self-made businesses, I found myself 75 lbs overweight and my work-life balance was totally out of whack.

I made the decision to make self-discovery and self-love my priority and today I’m living fully vibrant and my business(es) are flourishing beyond my wildest dreams.

I say this to you because I know what it feels like to be lost in the sea of doubts and to-do’s. I was disconnected from my Self and completely confused in the chaos of perfectionism.

Without a solid foundation, no success will ever be fully enjoyed because you’ll end up overworked or even worse BURNT OUT.

Honestly, you can’t afford NOT to make self-care priority.

Working with a mentor is a magical experience

One-on-one accountability allows for incredible transformations and massive leaps forward towards turning your dreams into reality.

I've coached thousands of women seeking guidance in every area of life — how to build your dream career, learning to love yourself, holistic wellness, spiritual and psychic development, and even how to become a 6-figure hairstylist.

When working together, you will experience my unique method of combining intuitive awareness & compassionate honesty with spiritual truths and techniques so you can break free of the fear that stops you from creating a life filled with Passion, Purpose, & Power!

You’ll be guided to achieve radical self-love, complete confidence and clarity, peace of mind, and a clear path to take with a business that taps into your talents and aligns with your authentic self.

Are you ready to tap into your ability to manifest a personal goal or dream?

You can create whatever you want with focused intention and action. You will need motivation, energy, and a clear plan to begin the process of turning your dreams to reality.

Together, we will intuitively create a roadmap to YOUR success. I'll keep you focused on the practical and tangible elements, keeping you grounded and not getting overwhelmed or confused.

“Holy shit! I’ve just had the biggest revelation about my business after our last coaching call.

I was always waiting for someone to step in and rescue me. Every coach I worked with wanted to put me in a box or project themselves on me.

I have to say Brittney, you are truly a miracle worker. You created this container in which my soul felt safe enough to be seen. And all this pain I’ve swept under the rug came up for me to finally face. All of these hints at what was hidden underneath the pain finally makes sense. It’s all clear. I feel like my healing journey just quantum leaped centuries! I’ve never felt more purposeful and sure of what my mission is.

Thank you, thank you for being the coach I so desperately needed!


Introducing my

90-day Coaching Intensive

No more second guessing yourself. No bullshit. No formulas. Just you and me getting down to what your soul came here to create.

Here's what you'll get

  • Over the course of 90-days, you'll receive SIX 1-hour sessions and ONE 90-minute Deep Dive Discovery session where we’ll get to know each other on an intimate level and explore your strengths, talents, blocks, and fears that hold you back.
  • Welcome Workbook specifically crafted to help you get clarity on what you want to accomplish in the next 90 days and beyond – so that our time together is clear + focused on getting you the results you desire
  • You’ll receive Soul-Work after each session that will help you to implement the changes and hold you accountable to your commitments.
  • Unlimited Email & Voice Messaging – Feel free to shoot me questions, ideas, or anything else you need support with during our time together.
  • In magical fashion we will end each coaching call with a tarot reading to provide clarity and insight for your next steps.
  • We'll dive deeper into your astrology to gain insight on your soul's purpose.
  • Who doesn't love surprises? You’ll receive surprise goodies to enhance your experience and inspire you to reach your goals and stay committed to your dreams.
  • One year access to my online membership club The Elevated Life® ($220 value!)
  • Access to my online course Shine School® ($497 value!)

You and Me crossing paths is no coincidence, sista!

This 90-day intensive gives you personally tailored, private, one-on-one coaching and constant support so you can step into your happiest, healthiest, shiniest, and most confident YOU!

Here are six categories that are commonly covered

CREATE SELF-CARE RITUALS: How to Start your Self-Love Affair

    • Design your ideal schedule – complete with time for fun, creativity, contribution, loved ones, travel, and anything else that LIGHTS you up
    • Prioritize self-care, because you know that it’s 100% critical for your success and happiness
    • Learn systems to simplify your life and keep you from totally stressing out and shutting down
    • Learn how to set healthy boundaries so you can show love and compassion on a deeper level
    • Create small new changes that make a major impact on your self-love routine

    • Learn tools and techniques like journaling and guided meditation to deepen your relationship with YOU!

WHOLE-ISTC WELLNESS: Healing your Mind + Body + Spirit

    • Ditch the diets and learn to create a healthy lifestyle that supports your total wellness
    • Have fun with fitness by doing what you love and what works for your body type
    • Create a healthy relationship with your body and your food
    • Start removing harmful chemicals that are hidden in your food and products
    • Learn the importance of creating a mindfulness practice and how it can dramatically impact your overall health and mood

    • Learn the art of detoxing and decluttering to quickly boost your energy and give your space an uplifting makeover

MIRACLE MINDSET: Upgrade your abundance mindset

    • Learn to recognize how your inner “mean girl” is self-sabotaging you and what to do about her
    • Remove the negative “labels” you’ve placed on yourself and create new uplifting, positive ones instead
    • Move past limiting beliefs around health and wealth that are keeping you from the abundance and impact you are meant to have
    • Learn what it really means to “Be Yourself”
    • Learn to let Gratitude be your Guide and watch the abundance roll in
    • Understand the power of choice and how to say NO!

    • Realize happiness is an inside job and it’s up to you

LEARN HOW TO USE THE “F” WORD: Unlock the Key to Freedom   

    • Understand why Forgiveness is the key to FREEDOM
    • Learn to let go of your past so you can move forward with total ease and confidence
    • Release burdens that you’ve allowed on yourself that stop you from fully loving yourself and others

    • Learn how to take it easy on yourself and become your own “bestie”

CREATE CONNECTION: Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

    • Learn the 3 most important connections: your SELF, your Tribe, and the people you impact through your passion-driven service
    • Learn where to find other like-minded soul sisters who will support you to show up as the best version of yourself
    • Harness the power of community to manifest your vision on a grander scale

    • Realize you have access to new perspectives to help you bust through blocks and limiting beliefs along your journey

MANIFESTING YOUR DREAMS: Turn your passion into profit

    • Dream big and set your soul goals
    • Identify your gifts, strengths, passions and what LIGHTS you up to understand how you can be of service to others
    • Get clarity on your purpose and how you can turn that into profit
    • Create a vision for your short and long-term goals so you can map out your mission to living your best life

    • Inspire others around the world with your unique sparkle magic
"Working with Britt is the best thing I could have ever done for myself and for my business. I originally signed up for Britt's Mastermind thinking that she would help get my booty in gear for the business I had talked about creating for years. Well, not only did she help me with my business, she helped me with SO much more. If you're on the fence about working with Britt and asking yourself if it is worth the investment, the answer is it totally is worth it, 100%! I wouldn't be where I am today without Britt's guidance, constant encouragement, and coaching. I am the happiest I have ever been in my adult life and now have a thriving business all because of Britt. Britt helps you to realize you had the power to do it all along, something I would have never thought possible even 1 year ago. Don't wait, invest in yourself!"
Jessie Wagner
Makeup Artist

This is for you if...

  • you feel a soul calling to share your creative gifts with the world (and make the income your deserve!)
  • you're ready to kick fear in the ass to cultivate unshakable confidence and courage
  • you want to be held accountable to take the action required to turn your dreams into reality

  • you're ready to say goodbye to fear, doubt, and negative self-talk for good!
  • you're ready for an inside-out radical self-love transformation
  • you're ready to discover your unique purpose

Hey, I'm Brit!

Brittney Carmichael is the founder of Shine School®, an online course to help women awaken their authentic self to SHINE from the inside and The Elevated Life® Membership Club.

Brit is a trailblazing lightworker, psychic medium, hairstylist, empowerment coach for female entrepreneurs, plus she’s 99% unicorn!

She is known for her spiritual truth-tellin’ style and her ability to make women beautiful – inside & out. 

Brit teaches women how to SHINE from the inside by breaking free of negative beliefs, letting go of limiting labels, and tapping into creative power so that they can confidently trust their intuition to live life with intention.

Let's create some magic together.

Are you ready to ditch the self-doubt so you can confidently share your creative gifts with the world? Let me help you SHINE!

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Coaching Program but my instincts said, “You need this!” Of course, intuition is always right!! Brittney did a great job of leading and inspiring the group, encouraging us to define and reach our goals, and celebrating our progress along the way. And the other women were so great — sisters on a similar journey who ignited my drive to move forward every time we had a session together. It led to some pretty big changes in my life that, while still in progress, are leading me down a truer path. -Bryson Grahm

Brittney is one of a kind! I have had the pleasure of being her client since day one of her career and was hooked ever since. She always listened and gave me more than I asked for. Every time you work with her you feel better about yourself and your life.

Her positive attitude is intoxicating. With her encouragement, I decided to follow my dream of becoming a hairstylist and it has been the best decision of my life! She has taken the time to personally mentor me and share her knowledge that you just don’t learn in school. Because of her I will be a better stylist. There is no one else like you and I can only hope to spread the happiness + positivity to my clients! Thanks Britt!!!!!!” – Shelley Seals

I was at a crossroad working in corporate America and pursuing my passion. My life was in discord. My finances were dwindling. My spirit was in a dark place. I had no work/life balance. I took on many unappreciative clients to make ends meet. Every day I was drained. This isn’t what I envisioned for myself. I deserved better. I didn’t know how to change this around.

One day, Brittney gave me the best advice ever. “You can choose to have better…. you know. If you don’t like it, don’t accept it. You can create the life you want.” Sounded easy. Right? I was programmed to accept whatever came my way… even things I didn’t want. This was the time to change. Her message was no voice fence. I was ready to receive. I started making small changes and the magic began.

Brittney opened my eyes to the power of choice. Power I always had, but forgot how to use along the way. To be aware of self. Your thoughts and words create your reality. Her way of delivering this message resonated with me. Her spirit is genuine, kind and welcoming. With her guidance, I’ve improved my life and the lives of those around me. Positivity is contagious. Brittney is truly gifted. This woman of light was meant to shine brightly.” -Naydja Quinn

“I found I have a hard time keeping myself motivated on different things in my life, but every time I say goodbye to Brittney I feel like she’s helped me open something inside myself. Brittney is an amazingly wonderful person. I would recommend her coaching to anyone and everyone. She is such a unique and colorful spirit to be around.” -Kelly Shores

I was in the hands of someone who exuded enthusiasm and joy, someone who had committed herself to making women feel beautiful on many levels, and someone who helped me be a better version of myself. Brittney simply sees the possibilities in you and, before you know it, you see them, too.

I’ve also participated in her master mind group and attended several creative sessions she’s hosted. As a result, I have a great group of like-minded women I can plug into for encouragement + advice. One of the tricks in life is to surround yourself with people who lift you up. I think of Brittney as a super-charged, spiritual battery. Once you plug into her inspiration, you’ll see what I mean.” – Erika Newsom

Brittney has been my hairstylist + friend + soul coach for the past 8 years. During the many changes I’ve had over the past eight years, it awesome to watch Brittney go through transformations and new beginnings as well. It is such a relief and comfort when I see Brit because we get into the fears and joys of life, and bounce ideas and support off of each other (which is really the only way we can ever find the truths in ourselves). I speak for both of us when I say that we are the best versions of ourselves yet, and I owe a lot of my motivation + faith to Brittney. She encourages me to have a vision that is larger than the one I allowed myself to have eight years ago. It is great to get a makeover and change my story, but it is more than the hair, it is true fun + laughs + conversation, and I always leave feeling like a badass. And, honestly, who doesn’t want to have some place to go that you always leave feeling beautiful…and badass?  She inspires. She improves. She invests. She impresses. And she wants to help you do the same. I’ve changed my life and stayed enlightened by the world around me because of the friend I’ve made in Brittney. She motivates me to shine and use my zest for life to actually live. The confidence I’ve gained from my time knowing Brittney is what I use as my foundation to keep living a life that I love. Eight years ago, I would have introduced her as, “Brittney, my hairdresser who is so much fun + so inspiring!” Now, I say, “This is my friend + soul-sister, Brittney, who empowers women + changes lives…oh, and she does amazing hair too!” -Dara Young #foreverchanged #jointhetribe

“Brittney is always full of great ideas and helps me to think of new things to implement in my life. I’m not one for goal setting, but she’s made me more aware that if I want to be successful in certain areas that clarity of my goal is important. I always leave with my cup full. I would for sure recommend any services from her. Whether it’s making you more beautiful on the outside or inside, she’s a true gem.” -Mel Goode

READY? Let's do this.

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Working 1:1 with Brittney for the last 6 months has been amazing. She has helped me build confidence in myself, my business, and my spirituality as well. My business has blossomed as we worked through my chakras to open them. She helped me focus on my self-care & doing so helped me be open to receive in my business. I learned how being in alignment with myself would attract the right clients to my business & I can’t say enough how grateful I am for her guidance. My business has seen more success working with her than it did in the first year of existence. My big ah-ha was that it wasn’t my business that wasn’t working it was my inner dialogue that was keeping me small. Once we broke my limiting beliefs that kept coming up I have seen and felt abundance in my life and business.” -Ann Miszczak

“I truly believe the Divine brought us together because I needed her encouragement
to get out of my box of fear and step into fully living life. She calls me out when I’m not being honest with myself and gives gentle guidance that’s so convincing and motivational I can’t help but be inspired to live my best life. Every conversation with Brittney is a lesson in positivity, truth and uncovering insights I didn’t even know I was in need of. She radiates confidence, fearlessness and patience – even when I’m dragging my feet on a change I know is right – and I always walk away feeling more confident, courageous and energized. She can rock the glitter – literally and figuratively – to help anyone and anything sparkle like the stars we all are. I’m beyond grateful to call her a friend and teacher – and you will be, too.” -Shana Salaska

Working with Brit was an answer to a prayer I did not even know I had. She has been a wealth of resources/support through this journey and I can’t thank her enough. Brit helped to reintroduce me back to myself, and now I go about each day standing in my true self, allowing whatever needs to happen will. Her personality, humor, and overall sense of self will make you feel comfortable throughout the 90 days. And once you allow yourself to open up in the sessions, that is when the real magic begins. -Danielle Klemm

From the first moment we met, Brit has inspired me to be a better person. I can’t say enough about how grateful and blessed I feel to have Brittney Carmichael in my life. She has lovingly pointed out when I needed a mindset change (like constantly worrying about what I can’t control) and reaffirmed me when I was doubting myself. After visiting with Brittney, I always walk away feeling energized, focused and excited about life. She is truly one of a kind with a gift of sharing her spirituality and light.” -Wendy Barron

Meeting Brittney has changed everything! I am now able to open my mouth and vocalize everything! I talk to my guides and angels every day, I stand up for myself when things need to be said, and my business is growing so quickly I can hardly keep up! My family is happier than we’ve ever been, and it is all thanks to Brit! Thank you for what you did for me and thank you for what you’re doing for women everywhere! -Kasie McElhaney

Brittney’s 1:1 coaching program gave me the clarity and direction I needed to run my business. Before starting her coaching program, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue my business. Thanks to Brittney, I know have rebuilt my confidence and reignited my passion for it. She coached me in the areas of spiritual growth as well as business strategy. I’m not sure many coaches can say they excel in both areas like her! With Brittney’s help, I realized that all the answers I need, come from within and learned how to listen to my inner voice. She also helped me work through money blocks and confidence issues preventing me from growing my business. Furthermore, she gave me many ideas and strategies to run my business. Now, I’ve doubled my passive income earning and I cannot say enough wonderful things about, Brittney’s 1:1 coaching program. I am looking forward to working with her again in the future!” -Emily Reece Strom


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