“Be bold, be brave enough to be your true self.” -Queen Latifah

🌕 Happy Full Moon in Gemini | Revealing Your True Self

As we’re coming to the close of 2018, I notice all around me including my own life that we’re being pushed outside of our comfort zone because that is where growth happens.

Each month of this year has helped to unfold different layers and aspects of your spiritual self getting you closer to the Truth of who you really are.

The Gemini Full Moon’s ruling planet Mercury is Retrograde so take time to reflect, release, and reveal your true self.

Think about the different lessons you’ve learned this year.

How have you grown? 
How have you become more authentically you?
What relationships are supporting you?
What no longer aligns with who you are today?

This full moon packs a truthful punch and brings real clarity about where we’re heading in 2019 if we summon the courage to embrace change.

Acceptance teaches us to grow through our own weaknesses. -Chris Carmichael

Gemini’s are the chatty Kathy’s of the group so don’t be surprised if your social circle starts buzzing with activity.

My mama (who happens to be named Kathy with a birthday this week!) always told me to “think before you speak” and on this full moon, it’s important to be slow to speak and quick to listen.

Be intentional with your words, deeds, and thoughts.

This year isn’t quite over so it’s not too late to commit to new changes.

What have you let slip this year that you want to recommit to?

Use the illumination of this Full Moon to light the way towards your new life.

This is your chance to leave the past behind and start a new creative beginning that supports your fullest potential.

Try this Full Moon Release Ritual (and FREE guided meditation) to help you release and reconnect.


full moon

This week you’ve got good luck and karma on your side showing that your hard work is now paying off. You have a new chance to find real happiness right now. Be thankful for all the breakthroughs in your life at the moment. You’re surrounded by a loving community of friends and family and it’s time to celebrate! You’ve come along way on your spiritual journey and have reached new found realizations that bring about joy and understanding. Trust the answers you seek are within. xo

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