Soooo you wanna uncover some sparkle magic with an intuitive reading, do ya? 

This session is dedicated to helping you see more clearly into each area of your life. With the use of oracle/angel cards combined with my woo-woo vibes, I intuitively receive guidance in any area of life you want to focus on, including your soul’s purpose, life lessons, or even current obstacles that are blocking you from “leveling up”.

During your reading, you are able to connect with your Higher Self and tap into your own feelings, thoughts, and ideas to understand how you can take action towards living a more fulfilling life. Having a reading is like getting total confirmation on what you already “knew deep inside” but can’t seem to take action on.

“From spiritual goose bumps to a much-needed release through tears, I had multiple ah-ha moments on our 1:1 call. Brittney has an incredible way of communicating the message from spirit and tapping into exactly what needs to be said in the moment to create momentum. Momentum in both my personal life, my career and my future casting. Her high-vibe tips are brilliant (no more cell phone next to the bed!) and I would highly recommend anyone and everyone investing in themselves for a breakthrough call with Brittney! You’ll leave with a new sense of clarity and mega confidence!” Love & Light, Seana | The Bohemian Blonde

What we’ll cover:

In the first few minutes, we’ll get comfortable getting to know each other by discussing what areas of your life you’d like to cover.

From there, I open my heart and soul to help you see your inner truth.

Our magical time together will uniquely unfold.

Whatever comes up during our time together, I can promise you will walk away feeling fabulous, inspired, energized, and confidently clear on your next step along your divine path.

Sessions are recorded so you can have lifetime access to your reading.

Common Topics:

Life Purpose. Relationships. Soul mates. Twin flames. Past lives. Connecting to past loved ones. Meeting Spirit Guides. Current energy blocks. Biz.

What you’ll receive:

  • 1-Hour Private 1:1 Reading via Zoom
  • Immediate Video Playback
  • Connect to your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, & Past Loved Ones
  • Gain Clarity + Confidence + Confirmation
  • Receive accurate guidance on what steps to take next
 1 hour = $222



“Working with Brittney 1:1 was nothing short of magical. Her connection to spirit is so strong and the messages that came through were clear, powerful, exciting, and divinely guided. I could feel her beautiful energy through the call and she’s so authentic, so down to earth, and so loving with the messages she brings. Big Ah Ha moment came when she guided us to move forward with confidence and faith….have no fear and the visions will come to fruition bc they’re already happening 🙂 My experience with Brittney was a huge turning point in my path, I plan on telling the world about her….such a blessing.” -Sara R.

“Brittney is such a shining, guiding light & a beacon of vibrate energy! I gained so many wonderful insights during the reading & as soon as the call ended I began taking action. I endeavour to spend more time living from my heart than my head & it’s awesome to know I can keep in touch – it is always so incredible meeting like-minded soul sistah’s!! Thank you, Brittney, for helping to reawaken something within me… Keep doing your thing!” -Shone Lisa Malone

“My 1 on 1 with Brittney was amazing. I learned a lot about myself, a lot of things connected for me and at the end of our session, I felt confident, whole and ready for anything. I highly recommend a session or even multiples. She is very honest, supportive, encouraging and loving. If you haven’t booked with her yet I suggest you do now because it will not only be an amazing experience but it will also change your life in a positive way too.” -Ann Miszczak

“Brittney gave me clarity, direction, and fantastic takeaways to ponder during my one hour reading. I have been looking for spiritual and business guidance for some time now. Brittney was able to guide and coach me in BOTH areas. She helped me further understand the connectedness between myself and my business. She made me feel open, cared about, and validated. But, most importantly she helped me realize that spirituality lives within myself. She opened my eyes to the necessity of tuning out the noise, taking time each day to listen to my inner conscience, and to be open to what the universe has to offer me. Thank you, Brittney. I cannot wait to connect in the near future for more coaching and tarot readings.” -Emily Reece Strom

“I loved talking with Brit! She is truly gifted and I loved the energy between us. The clarity she gave me with my husband helped me tremendously on how he needs me. Thank you! My hubby and I will be watching this reading together very soon.”

Our second reading was such a huge confirmation that my team’s purpose and work together is meaningful and will be successful. We had some blocks that were keeping us from moving forward, and we were able to release them and have a complete rebirth of our project and connection together. I needed to hear that following my intuition is key and to trust myself. No more worrying and wasting my energy on things that don’t serve me. We are divinely guides and working with spirit. We truly felt a shift to a higher level and know we are powerful women with an amazing purpose. We can’t wait to work with Brittney in the future!”  -Rosemary Oihus

“My one on one tarot experience with Brittney was a huge break through for me! After having 2 children and being on my second divorce, I felt that I was at a stand still and wasn’t sure on which path to take. She was able connect with me and point me in the right direction. Because of Brittney I no longer feel lost but now have a direction and path that I am pursuing full speed. Thank you Sooooooo much Brittney for your words of encouragement and helping me feel and see what I am capable of!!!!” -Joy Morales


“I feel so lucky to have come across you the other and to have taken the leap with the tarot reading!” -Elizabeth Winsininski

“Incredibly impressed with my fellow #spiritjunkie sistah! I had a tarot card reading with Brit that was so on POINT! Many goosebumps moments where I was whipping out my notebook to show her that the things coming out of her mouth were things I had just written down or discussed on a call! If you are looking for some clarity or guidance, reach out to this Beautiful soul! Brittney Carmichael, thank you!” 😘 #veryinspiredpeople -Stephanie Blackbird

“Brittney, From my inner being to yours thank you so much for your beautiful tears and emotion and connection. I was literally in awe of your on pointness in every aspect of my existence and showing up!
If your inner being is lighting up – listen! This was the boldest and most beautiful light-me-up experience yet! Brittney’s authenticity, radiant light, tender, beautiful inner being will awaken and bring light to even the darkest places you alone are too afraid to delve into and when you do you will find peace, clarity and a knowing that all is truly well. Everything IS always working out for you!” -Laura Labourde

“My personal tarot/ medium reading with Brittney was amazing.  She was so inspiring and encouraging. I love that my son who passed away was excited to connect through her. I love her energy, she has definitely made a powerful impact in my life.” -Rachel Christianson