Radical simply means ‘grasping things at the root.’ Angela Davis

Happy New Moon in Aquarius 🌙

As we start off this airy month of February, my hubby Chris and I are heading to our favorite secluded getaway in the woods! 

I just LOVE the sign of Aquarius because I happen to married to one, so I have the first-hand perspective of how RADICAL they can be.

Aquarius calls for you to open your heart, stand up and speak your truth even if it’s against popular opinion.

Be eccentric and beat to your own drum. 

Get back to your independent roots and allow yourself to be a free thinker.

It’s OK, scratch that, ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for you to break away from the status quo and conformity of others opinions.

Let your inner rebel come out to play. 

Stop looking for the “perfect formula”, the approval, and stop doing “what everyone else is doing”.

Be creative. Be spontaneous. Live life on your own terms.

Use the energy of this New Moon to get quiet with yourself so you can see from a higher perspective and ask:

What do I need in order to live life in a more authentic, holistic way?

You can finally sigh a breath of release because, with this new moon, we’re washing away EVERYTHING from the past that no longer serves us, expanding our consciousness into a new direction.

Allow clarity to set in and take action on the new opportunities that arrive. 


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After clearing away our emotions from the last Full Moon and 2 back to back Eclipses we can now take on a more dreamy, fun-loving vibe where relationships and serving our community are at the forefront.

New moons invite us to turn our awareness inward and set a new intention for what you want to create over the next 6-month cycle.

What do you really want? 

Trust that you know EXACTLY what to do and DO IT! xo 

If you’re ready to put your manifesting skills to the test, then I invite you to learn How to perform a New Moon Manifesting Ritual.

This will help you to create total clarity around your soul’s desire’s and ignite your imagination to start manifesting magic.

Comment below and let me know what you’re intending to manifest on this New Moon! 



new moon manifesting ritual

This is a beautiful week for creating something NEW! The Empress is the ultimate expression of Divine Feminine and invites you to create beauty around you.
How can you use your creativity in a more flowing fashion instead of forcing it?
Step back from your fast-paced process and slow down to receive intuitive clarity. Treat yourself to something luxurious and spend a little extra time pampering yourself this week.
After spending time in your intuitive feminine vibes, the Knight of Wands shows you taking inspired action with passion and enthusiasm. You’ve sparked a new idea and have clarity on what project you want to take on next. This card is a positive sign to go for it!
You’ve got good luck on your side when the Wheel of Fortune shows up. Take notice and appreciate all the blessings in your life. Your good karma goes a long way when this card shows up. Life is good and all is well. If you’re feeling like you’re not at the top of the wheel then know things will soon change for the better. Trust the timing of your life. xo

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