I’m here to remind you that confidence is a choice and authenticity is sexy.

To empower you to embrace your flaws and overcome your fears.

To inspire you to love, to create, to be wild and free.

To encourage you to trust the whispers of your soul and boldly follow your dreams.

To show you how to be woo-woo and wealthy.

Because you are meant to SHINE!

I’m Brittney Carmichael and my mission is to inspire you to become your most badass self. Unapologetically.

"I think of Brittney as a super-charged, spiritual battery. Once you plug into her inspiration, you’ll see what I mean.”
Erika Newsom
Writer | Marketing Consultant

stop hiding your sparkle magic

Sometimes fear stops us from shining our light.
Did you know 94% of women say they lack confidence? In my FREE on-demand Confidence Masterclass and Guided Meditation, you’ll experience how to overcome negative self-talk and rebuild your confidence. It’s time to STOP self-sabotaging and reclaim your power!


For the past 15 years, I’ve worked at my award winning luxury vegan hair salon, OMGhairstyles, where I’ve intuitively coached thousands of women to break free of fear and embrace their unique sparkly self.

Working behind the chair has taught me that women already have the power, they’ve just forgotten. 

I felt a soul calling to step out from behind the chair and inspire women to SHINE, so I created my transformational self-discovery program Shine School® and the Shine From the Inside Oracle™, and I host luxury Goddess Retreats where I inspire women to create unshakable confidence from within. I also team up with my hubby inside our membership club, The Elevated Life®.

I’ve dedicated myself to understanding how women think and feel about themselves, and now I’m on a mission to empower badasses like you to SHINE!

"Working with Britt is the best thing I could have ever done for myself and for the business. If you’re on the fence about working with Britt and asking yourself if it is worth the investment, the answer is it totally is worth it, 100%! I wouldn’t be where I am today without Britt’s guidance, constant encouragement, and coaching. I am the happiest I have ever been and now have a thriving business all because of Britt. Britt helps you to realize you had the power to do it all along, something I would have never thought possible even 1 year ago. Don’t wait, invest in yourself!"
Makeup Artist | Fashion Guru


Ready to elevate? Learn how you can work with me from coaching to online courses and retreats – I’m ready to empower you to SHINE!

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shine from the inside oracle

This 44-card oracle and guidebook contain a fun and playful approach to making friends with your inner mean girl to help you build confidence, resilience, and reclaim your personal power.

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the elevated life

Join Brit and Chris on The Elevated Life podcast. Listen in as they share their tools on how to radically transform your life. They will teach you how to break free of old limiting beliefs, eliminate stresses, create new amazing habits and help you find your life purpose. 



Join me each week for a live oracle reading and energy forecast.


There's no magic pill for self-love

Try this 15-minute self-love meditation instead to help you instantly make a deep connection with your soul, cultivate confidence, and chill the F out.
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