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International icon Brittney Carmichael is like a magical spark plug who ignites transformation in all who experience her uplifting energy. 

Join Brittney Carmichael at her transformative retreats and community Goddess Gatherings that elevate self-love and empowerment. Experience her high-vibe luxury events across the globe, from Costa Rica's jungles to Colorado's mountains, featuring healing modalities and meditations that awaken your goddess potential.

As a dynamic speaker and workshop leader, Brittney captivates audiences with topics like Reclaiming Personal Power, Energy Management (goodbye burnout - hello boundaries), and Tapping Into Your Intuition. She's energized groups from private intimate workshops to corporate wellness gigs to large-scale events, like women's expos and wellness festivals, with her empowering message.

Interested in Brittney's unique energy for your event? Request a custom proposal and join her fast-filling transformative gatherings for an unforgettable awakening.

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ELECTRIFYING from 20 to 2000 souls at a time

Embark on transformative journeys with Brittney Carmichael's signature events. Connect with your inner goddess in Texas or explore the Costa Rican jungles for deep personal growth. Each event is a unique opportunity to awaken your potential through inspiring activities and meaningful connections. Join us for these empowering experiences and unlock a vibrant, self-loving life.

Upcoming Retreats and Gatherings

Join Brittney's Intimate Retreats

Goddess Gathering

Join Brittney for an unforgettable Goddess Gathering in the heart of Texas. This intimate event is designed to awaken your full potential through empowering activities and deep connections with other powerful leaders. Experience a day of transformation in a nurturing environment that encourages self-love and personal growth.

Connect with Your Inner Goddess

Embark on a journey to the crystal sand beaches with Brittney Carmichael for an immersive retreat experience. This intimate gathering is your opportunity to connect directly with Brittney and like-minded leaders, engaging in activities that inspire and rejuvenate. From meditation in nature to heart-sharing sessions, this retreat promises a profound awakening to your inner power.

7-day Goddess Retreat

with Brit

Embrace Your Vibrant Spirit

2025 dates tbd ✦ ROSEMARY BEACH, FL

AUGUST 19, 2024 ✦ Frisco, Texas

Evolved Couples Retreat 

Experience transformation at the Couple Evolved Retreat, designed for partners looking to deepen their connection and grow together. Engage in enriching activities focused on communication, shared goals, and mindfulness in a serene setting. Rekindle your bond and embark on a journey of mutual growth and renewed love.

Level up Your Relationship & Sex Life

Sept 09-13th, 2024 ✦ Dundee, Ohio

Summer SOULstice

A Magical Annual Gathering

Once a year, Brittney hosts an enchanting Summer Solstice event, offering a unique opportunity to connect with her high-vibe soul. This magical gathering features activities and meditations that awaken your inner goddess. From heart-stirring discussions to empowering exercises, you'll leave feeling renewed and uplifted.

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Brittney's vibrant spirit and profound insights are showcased beyond her events. As a sought-after guest in various high-profile settings, she shares her empowering wisdom on personal power, self-love, intuition, and more.

Explore Brittney's latest features in publications, podcasts, and interviews, and be inspired by her transformative message!

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You'll build an empowering self-care blueprint to sustain positive habits long-term. Brittney will keep you motivated with daily videos, accountability support from a community of like-minded women, and bonus gifts. Discover daily acts of self-love, reduce stress, nourish your mind and body, and walk away with the tools to consistently fill your cup.

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Brittney Carmichael is available for hire as a dynamic speaker or guest at your event. Her presentations are known to supercharge audiences, ranging from intimate groups to large gatherings.