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Confidence When Navigating the Unknown on Soul Meets Strategy Podcast with Jenna Faye

  • Surrendering to the timing of the universe
  • Discover strategies for navigating the unknown and stepping into your confidence
  • Explore the importance of staying true to yourself and cultivating self-love amidst the pressures of entrepreneurship
  • Navigating social media: Censorship, platform changes and the significance of building a strong brand identity.
  • Turning challenges into opportunities… and how!
  • The discomfort of self-ownership and the empowerment that comes with taking responsibility for your journey.

The Journey Towards Divine Entrepreneurship: Navigating Success and Building a Business Empire as a Spiritual Visionary

Unlock the keys to spiritual and holistic business success by bursting through self-limitations & adopting real soul-aligned strategies that work. Join me as I discuss my favorite ways to build businesses, release mindset blocks and empower soul-based women to follow their calling.

Finding Your People on the Cash Confident Stylist Podcast with Misty Jayne

In this episode with my dear friend and badass money coach, Misty Jayne on the Cash Confident Stylist podcast we’re sharing how your vibe attracts your tribe, the hard lessons relationships can teach us about ourselves, and how to think outside the box!

Creating a Morning Routine on Systems Saved Me with Jordan Gill

In this episode of Systems Saved Me, Brit Carmichael shares the benefits of having a daily morning routine and sneak peek into how she stays consistent with the GEBY method and you’ll also discover Brit’s BEST and worst business investment.

How to Redefine Your Success on UNSCRIPTED with Jessica Burgio

I hope you can tell how excited I am to chat with Brittney today and throughout the rest of the episode we discuss:

  • Just starting something and creating consistency in the midst of “the messy”
  • Redefining success and reframing joy to make decisions in your day-to-day
  • Getting quiet in order to listen and trust your intuition

The School of Healing with Dominice Clifton

  • Authenticity and the importance of making decisions without being impacted by the conditioning and expectations of society
  • Learning to listen to your intuition, aka your internal GPS
  • Various healing modalities including hypnosis, plant therapy including mushrooms, yoga, meditation, and breathwork
  • Why inner work and healing are important for weight loss and wellness sustainability. We also talk about eating for health and why gut health is important for your spiritual journey 
  • Learning to surrender: “When you are not being guided, you are actually being guided to rest.”
  • Why healing is such an important part of self-love and finding and accepting love from others

Holistic Hormone Podcast with Eleanor Duelley

We had a really vulnerable conversation about getting stuck in your negative and toxic energy, and the tools for upleveling. The magic in two women sharing their experiences will resonate with you if you are feeling stuck, anxious, or blah….

Stop Hiding Your Sparkle Magic & Trust Your Intuition on The Girl Unfiltered Podcast with Helena Donald

Ready to smash your inner glass ceiling & manifest a life and business that totally lights you up? If you’re a woman who has big ambitions on her heart and is ready to step into her wealthiest and most abundant self – then welcome! Listen in as your host, Helena Grace Donald (money mindset expert, success coach & author) and her epic guest Brit Carmichael dig in and share the real ins & outs, ups & downs, tips & tools to creating long lasting financial freedom & success in life and business.

Healthy Wealthy Stylist Podcast: Brittney Carmichael on Balancing Spirituality and Business

In this episode of the Healthy Wealthy Stylist Podcast, Brittney Carmichael and host Shelby Bettencourt talk balancing spirituality and business, the importance of intention setting, and key tools that both Brit and Shelby use in their businesses.

Elevating Salon Experience & Winning Hearts: The Success Story of Brit Carmichael on Genbook

In this installment of Genbook’s Expert Series, Brit Carmichael shares her journey from beauty school grad to six-figure stylist—and how scalable systems like Genbook made it possible.

Psychic Mediumship, Emotions, and Lightworkers Behind The Chair

In this episode, we talk all about Brittney’s story, how she tapped into her psychic gifts and mediumship, the power of emotions, the sister wound, lightworkers behind the chair, and more!

Trusting Your Intuition and Tapping into the Spiritual World

In today’s episode, we are talking about how Brit went from hairdresser to soul coach. We dive into all things spiritual talking about:

✨ Brit’s near-death experience
✨ Channeling spirits
✨ Oracle cards and connecting with the spirit world
✨ Cats & witches
✨ The BEST manifestation stories!!
…and so much more!

How to Manifest the Right Way (and the lies you’ve been told!) with Britt Carmichael

Have you ever wondered about manifesting? It seems that everyone has their own opinion and method on how to do it, but what’s the real truth?

In this post, I’m sitting down with Britt Carmichael to talk about manifesting the right way. 

Keep reading and you’ll walk away knowing:

  • How to properly manifest in your life
  • What you may have been doing wrong
  • Why manifestation hasn’t worked for you in the past

You’ll be confidently manifesting (the correct way) in no time! You’re gonna wanna buckle up for this one friend, it’s a good one.

Healthy, Wealthy Stylist Podcast with Shelby Bettencourt: Turn Lemons into Lessons

In this episode I am joined with my bff Brit Carmichael!! We share what it means to turn lemons (aka the not so fun things that have happened in life) into lessons.

This topic was inspired by Brit’s oracle deck Shine from the Inside Oracle.

Meet Brittney Carmichael | Hair Salon Owner, Empowerment Coach on Dallas Voyage Magazine

We’re excited to introduce you to the always interesting and insightful Brittney Carmichael sharing about how she got started in her luxury vegan salon and shifted into an empowerment coach for women. 

Episode 65 of Goddess Got Goals: Tools of Transformation with Brit & Chris Carmichael

My Unicorn friend is back!!!  And we are in for a treat today!   We are talking to the Carmichaels including our first male guest Chris Carmichael and first duo! Both are the founders of The Elevated Life®, are a husband and wife duo dedicated to empowering people on…

Embodying an Elevated Life with Brittney Carmichael | The Beauty Solopreneur

Independent Beauty Pros Founder Lynzie Smith is talking with Brittney Carmichael. Her mission, along with her husband Chris, is to inspire others to create a soul-filled life that’s full of purpose + passion + peacefulness. Lynzie will also be attending The Evolved Couple’s Retreat with her boyfriend in February 2022. This 5-day luxury couples retreat in Destin, FL focuses on what Brit and Chris have learned in their own journey as life partners towards honesty, vulnerability, truth, and trust. This conversation is a perfect lead in to what that magical experience will look like for all eight couples attending! 

10 Minute Beauty Business Podcast: Episode 19

This episode is all about self-love and healing with the amazing Brit Carmichael, founder of Shine School. Brit is a Soul and Business Coach and has a passion for empowering women, as it says on her website “I’m a trailblazing lightworker on a mission to inspire and empower badass women to live a life they love and SHINE from the inside”, how amazing is that.

Hair Love Radio: If It’s not a HELL YES, it’s a no with Brit Carmichael

Misty Jayne and Lynzie Smith take over Hair Love Radio and they interview Britt Carmichael. She Is the founder of Shine School, salon owner, and 99% unicorn.

They deep dive into all things manifesting, living your dream life, and believing in yourself.

The Cosmic Calling: Rewriting Negative Stories with Brittney Carmichael

Do you often criticize yourself and obsess over everything you’re doing wrong? In this episode, I’m chatting with Brittney Carmichael, an inspirational Libra (with double Pisces Moon & Rising), about the importance of rewriting the negative stories we tell ourselves that keep us from feeling empowered and in control of our own destiny.

The World Needs Your Light

This episode comes from the Hair Love Retreat Digital event series with Brit Carmichael, the #selflove queen. She shared the most inspiring message about how the world needs YOU and your light. This episode has all of the feel good vibes to brighten your day!

Backroom Beauty Talks Podcast: Growing Together as a Couple with Brittney Carmichael

Brit Carmichael is back for conversation round 2!! This time we are talking about relationships.

The Barbra May Show: Don’t Wait For Trauma To Make A Change with Brittney Carmichael

Brittany Carmichael is a self-love guru, here to remind us that confidence is a choice and authenticity is sexy. We talk about embracing your flaws, feeling free, and how to make a positive change in your life.

Burnt Out to Lit Up Podcast: 087 Trust Your Intuition: It Can Save Your Life with Brittney Carmichael

In this episode we talk about Brittney’s life or death situation in the mountains, her mother’s stroke and the healing process, her discovery of her psychic gifts, what being intuition led mean, fear vs intuition, using tarot to tap into your intuition, the balance between the ego and intuition, and Brittany performed a tarot reading on Erika!

Zensetter, The Podcast

This week, Sophia introduces us to Brittney Carmichael, founder of Shine School. Brittney has made it her mission to empower women and help them reclaim their inner bad bitch. There is so much to dive into this episode.

The Happy Healthy Hairstylist’s Podcast:  7 or Above, The Elevated Life, and Receiving with Brit & Chris Carmichael

This podcast honestly turned out better then I had imagined when I first planned to have Brit and Chris on. The magic is real in this conversation. I am so honored to share this with you! 

Backroom Beauty Talks with Misty Jayne:

A little logic and a little woo woo w/ Brit Carmichael

Brit is a soul and business coach, the founder of Shine School, Creator of Shine from the inside Oracle cards, Co founder of The Elevated Life and basically just a magical unicorn!


Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training: Goddess Got Goals

Along with my soul sister and unicorn friend, Brittney Carmichael, who is the Self Love Guru and the creator of Shine School and the Shine from the Inside Oracle Deck, we will bring to you an understanding of your true feminine power.  Practical and spiritual guidance on how to best navigate the tides of nature during your moon time aka menstrual cycle.  How to balance your RAGING hormones so that you can live well understanding and accepting your body. 

You may also be interested in the free Feminine Power Masterclass that Lisa and collaborated on here

Screenshot 2021-02-25 at 11.22.35

Your Day Off @Hairdustry: Shine School

For the next 6 weeks Brit Carmichael walks you through Shine School. Shine School is going to show YOU exactly how to reclaim YOUR power so YOU can confidently manifest YOUR dreams! Modules 1-6 now available on the podcast.

The SheFactor Podcast: The Cure to Self-Sabotage with Lightworker Brit Carmichael

Ever heard of the 7-or-Above Rule? Today’s guest Brit Carmichael lives by it, and it’s a great tool to use to start your 2021 off right. Brit is a lightworker who found her calling to the meta-physical world (crystals, tarot cards, psychic medium superpowers…) by divine intervention from her deceased step-father who she’d barely ever known. But before you think this episode is all “woo-woo” and spiritual, stop right there. Brit’s known for her ability to make women feel beautiful – inside & out.

Shoutout DFW: Meet Brit Carmichael

I share how I define success and the key factors that have helped me along the way in business as a vegan salon owner and empowerment coach. Check out this interview with Voyage Dallas Magazine.

Your Time Now – Shine from the Inside with Brit Carmichael

This week I had the privilege to interview Brit Carmichael founder of shine school, women’s empowerment coach, creator of the shine from the inside oracle, psychic medium, salon owner & co-founder of the elevated life. Plus all round awesome human!

Listen to hear her journey, her and her husbands rule for life, hilarious anecdotes and loads of good tips and techniques for you to improve your life.

How to Use Divination Cards in Your Self-Care Rituals and For Business

After overcoming decades of a lack of self-love, Brit has become a firm believer that holistic healing and self-care must be the foundation for conscious living and intentional leadership.

Experiencing breakthroughs in her personal life and business, she is passionate about supporting women exploring their own unique gifts and helping them share their message with the world.

She’s a multi-passionate, multi-business-owned entrepreneur who is on a mission to inspire women to create a soul-filled life full of purpose, passion, and peacefulness.

In today’s episode, Brit shares her journey and how she was awakened to start trusting her intuition. Britt wants us to start breaking free of negative beliefs, let go of limiting labels, and tapping into our creative power so that we can confidently trust our intuition to live life with intention.

In this episode of The Power in Purpose Podcast, we chat with Brittney about some interesting topics-like the tarot–and how we can use the tarot and oracle cards to lean into our intuition and guide us in our business. 

Shine Your Light and Share Your Gifts with The World

Brittney Carmichael is the founder of Shine School®, an online course to help women awaken their authentic self and reclaim their power and the Shine From the Inside Oracle.

Brit is a trailblazing lightworker, psychic medium, hairstylist, empowerment coach for female entrepreneurs, and she’s 99% unicorn!

She is known for her spiritual truth-tellin’ style and her ability to make women beautiful – inside & out.

Her mission is to inspire women to create a soul-filled life that’s full of purpose + passion + peacefulness.

Making the Best of the Present Moment

Today I have back on the show, Shine School® creator, Brittney Carmichael. Y’all, if you get a chance you need to look her up on Facebook and Instagram. I tell her all the time that she has the most amazing Chi! It’s animated and strong. If you want to see healthy flowing chi, she’s the poster child!

As usual I did not have a guiding plan for the show. I wanted it to unfold and flow as the universe saw fit and what came out was nothing short of amazing. We discussed overcoming fears, things that trigger us, how to be compassionately indifferent as we elevate to 5D and why this time in history is some of the worst times and some of the best times, and that’s why making the best of the present moment is key.

We talk about empowerment, triggers, how to choose joy and how we all deserve to elevate in a non judgmental way.

Whether You Think You Can or Think You Can’t, You’re Right

On this episode, we have Brittney Carmichael teaching us all things about Intuitive Business Building. Brit has made her life flow for what is best for her. She is here to tell us how to live your life so that it makes you happy and make a schedule that you feel good about!

Brit believes that living intuitively is all about being vulnerable and making bold moves. Fear Is always going to be there, but you have to understand that life has ups and downs, but it’s how you balance those things and waking up asking yourself “What do I need?”. THEN taking responsibility for fulfilling that need!

Developing Your Intuition & Learning to Trust Yourself

Brit Carmichael, founder of Shine School and creator of The Shine From The Inside Oracle is our guest this week. Brit founded Shine School, an online course to teach women about self-love, reclaiming your boundaries and power, and going after your wild and crazy dreams.

She also gives advice on how to choose the oracle deck that’s right for you, and how we’re all intuitive and the cards just act as an external reflection and confirmation.

Lean Into the Light and the Money Will Come

In this episode of Hair Love Radio, Elizabeth Faye, founder of Hair Love Retreat, sits down with Brit Carmichael, aka the most magical being, and she shares her secrets on intuitive living and attracting abundance by following your passions.


Top 3 Takeaways:

🌟 Be yourself ALWAYS. No matter who you are around!
🌟 Listen and TAKE ACTION to your intuitive nudges.
🌟 FREAKING GO FOR IT. Dream big. Anything is possible!

Shine From the Inside

In this episode, Brit is sharing with us her tips for self-love, how to manifest, how to use oracle cards vs. tarot cards and her journey from hairdresser to lightworker and living the life she has always dreamt of.

Going With The Flow: How To Intuitively Build Your Business


  • The question that Brittney asked women, which sparked her online school [ 6:06 ]
  • The conversation that women need to be having right now [ 8:00 ]
  • Two catalysts for change [ 9:40 ]
  • Whether you can learn and grow into spirituality [ 14:47 ]
  • How you can view the “woo” through a scientific lens [ 19:21 ]
  • Brittney’s moment of clarity that introduced her to spirituality [ 21:09 ]
  • What Tarot is [ 25:44 ]
  • Where you naturally find your passion [ 28:09 ]
  • How to give yourself permission to do what’s right for you [ 34:00 ]
  • How to show up to make things happen [ 38:40 ]
  • How to effectively run a business as a multi-passionate creative [ 40:35 ]
  • Why Brittney doesn’t rush [ 45:28 ]
  • Why we need to disconnect our worth from our Insta profile [ 47:00 ]

How to Start Loving Yourself

George Lizos of the Lit Up Lightworker Podcast and I got together to chat all things self-love. If you’re someone who struggles with confidently loving yourself and you’re ready to upgrade your self-love practice then this episode is for you! 


  • What is self-love?
  • What’s the difference between self-love and narcissism?
  • What are the barriers to self-love?
  • How do we shift from self-loathing to radical self-love?
  • How do we uplevel our self-love practice?

The New Paradigm of Tarot, Spirit Girls Podcast

Unsure how you feel about tarot cards? I know, There are a lot of old paradigm connotations around tarot cards and how they work. Brittney Carmichael, Psychic Medium, Empowerment Coach For Entrepreneurs and the creator of Shine School – Who also reads Tarot Cards is sharing the real truth about tarot and how it can help anyone (no matter what religeon) improve their spiritual growth

Intuition, authenticity, and coming back to who you are

Brittney Carmichael joins us on the show this week where we talk intuition, authenticity, and coming back to yourself. During the podcast we talk about:

  • How a shift in perception can change your life
  • Being the “odd one out”
  • Coming back to yourself
  • Authentically being yourself
  • Developing intuition
  • Near-death experience
  • Witnessing miracles
  • Appreciation for the moment
  • Self-care
  • Morning practices
  • Hypnotism
  • How the internet is helping light-workers with their mission

Trust Your Intuition

During the episode, Brittney explains her near-death situation on a mountain in Colorado that led her to listen to her inner voice which saved her life. From that moment on, she leaned on her intuition. Listening to her internal GPS, she knows her strong intuition is a gift she can use to help light up the world. She shares that our intuition comes from the feelings we get from our bodies and talks about using Tarot to tap into your intuition.

Shine Your Lightworker Light

In this live episode of the Alex Levy Show, Brittney shares #allthingswoowoo from spiritual awakening to becoming psychic. She shares tips on how to connect with loved ones that have passed along with other woo-woo wisdom. Be sure to tune in for the live readings at the end of the call.

Self Care is the Key to Self Love, Honestly Cat Podcast

I’m talking to Brittney Carmichael, whose life-long struggle with self-love had her 75lbs overweight, her career as a successful hairstylist had her overworking and her work/life balance was out of whack, and to top it off her mother had a massive stroke that she has now thankfully overcome.

During this testing time, she learned that beauty isn’t something to be found on the outside. Beauty, to her, is the ability to be your authentic self and shine from the inside.

Brittney is like my sister from another mother on the other side of the Atlantic who embodies and practices the same mission as myself with a unicorn twist and an American twang!


Warning: This WILL empower you to step up and shine!

Meet Brittney Carmichael, Inspiration. Empowerment. 99% Unicorn, Dallas Voyage Magazine

Brittney, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?

Empowering women wasn’t always my mission in life. 10 years ago when I started my hair salon OMGhairstyles my mission was to make women LOOK beautiful. But after years of listening to what women say about themselves, I’ve learned that confidence is a choice and REAL beauty begins within.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was naturally coaching each woman that sat in my chair. Asking her what her passions were. Her dreams. Her desires. Shockingly, I realized that MOST women replied with “I don’t know what my passion is.” And that’s where I begin to help women discover who they really are and what they truly LOVE.

After doing some much-needed self-reflection, I decided to make some major changes in my life. I lost 75lbs with a vegan lifestyle, set firm boundaries with my clients at work, and then took my passion for empowering women online in 2016 and started my blog to inspire women to SHINE from the inside.

Struggling with years of “weight issues” and an “inner mean girl” who was constantly judging and criticizing myself, I TOTALLY know what it feels like being disconnected from your body and soul. My mission today involves empowering women to FEEL beautiful by learning to love their authentic self.

To help women achieve this seemingly hard task, I created Shine School, a 6-week online experience designed to help release the past, step into your Truth, and intentionally create a life you’re in love with!

Meet Brittney Carmichael of OMGhairstyles Luxury Vegan Hair Salon in Frisco, Texas

Let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?

Any road leading to your wildest dreams is never going to be a smooth road. If the road were smooth, you wouldn’t learn anything. On my wild ride, I’ve learned loads of wisdom from working behind the chair that range from how to react when a client takes off her top to what to do when someone’s hair catches on fire (that was an interesting one!) to how to really listen to what a woman is trying to tell you.

I’ve paid my way through school. I’ve followed my heart despite others doubting my dreams. I’ve learned how to put others first and actually be of service to them. I’ve learned to say “no”. I’ve learned the entrepreneur HUSTLE. I’ve learned that no matter how hard some days are, there’s nothing better than knowing you gave your best in each and every moment doing what you LOVE.

Learn how to stop the fear to heal yourself and manifest the things you want in life

In this episode of the She Hustles Podcast by Jasyra Santiago Hines, you’ll learn all things woo-woo and spiritual and how to heal the fear that stops you from living a life you LOVE from our guest Brittney Carmichael

She teaches us that we have to face our darkness in order to SHINE so tune into this empowering podcast where you’ll learn practical tips for transforming fear into CONFIDENCE!

Living Open Podcast EP. #39: Unicorn of all things on coming back to who you really are, always being a spiritual journey and how to love yourself 

Today, Brittney Carmichael is a psychic medium, life and business coach, tarot reader, and inspirational leader (or for short, a unicorn of all things!).

But she wasn’t always. When she was a kid, she was a young free spirit stuck in the middle of nowhere in Texas, who just wanted to get out. All she wanted was to move to New York, work in fashion, and be single for the rest of her life. She was different. She felt weird. She didn’t want to fit into the norm.

(As someone who grew up in the suburbs in Maryland and Delaware and all I ever wanted was to move to New York, this soooo resonated with me.)

She didn’t do any of those things. She married her soulmate at age 20, and her spiritual awakening all began with a mushroom trip. The moment that shifted everything for her was when she walked into her house on shrooms, looked at a photo of her and her husband on the wall, and said, “Who are those people? We are not those people.”


Things didn’t change overnight, but that was the beginning of everything.

In this episode, Brittney shares:

  • The crazy, life-threatening story of how she finally learned to connect to her inner voice
  • How she turned her inner mean girl into her biggest cheerleader and how you can too
  • How to distinguish between the voice of your ego and the voice of your soul
  • What self-love means to her, why it’s so important, and how she practices it
  • The hypnosis experience that changed her life
  • Her advice to anyone struggling with self-love
  • How she discovered tarot and her relationship with the tarot today
  • Her passion for helping women reawaken to their authentic life
  • The key to bringing creative visions into the physical world
  • Her advice for protecting your energy

Learning to Glow Interview with Brittney Carmichael

How did you first discover your psychic abilities? 

I first discovered my psychic abilities while floating inside a sensory deprivation tank. Because your mind and body are so relaxed during this experience, your mind opens up to receive even more (psychic) information. I heard my father’s voice who had passed in 2008 say “I had to pass in the physical world to guide you from the spiritual world.” That was all he had to say and my curiosity was peaked!

I went to see a local psychic who told me “you have the gift” and suggested I buy myself some tarot cards. Funny enough, looking back, some part of me already KNEW, but these clues along the way definitely helped me to remember with confidence that we are ALL psychic.

Balancing Grace & Grit on the Spiritual Path

This episode is about the grace & the grit that it takes to make your dreams a reality. It’s about surrendering to Divine will, but also taking fearless action when guided. It’s about embracing your emotions, but not letting them control you. And it’s a message I know is so valuable and needed for anyone trying to find the ‘right’ balance for them as they walk this courageous path.

Inspired takeaways include:

  • How to really allow ourselves the space to feel our emotions without getting caught in them
  • Britt’s transformation from 200 pounds overweight and angry at the world to her radiant authentic self
  • Clarifying the distinction between being punished by God & being gifted an opportunity to learn a lesson
  • The importance of bowing to our emotions as the teachers and healers they are
  • The powerful astrological events happening at the moment & why they are a potent time to up-level
  • The spiritual ‘tap on the shoulder’ and calling to live our Soul’s purpose
  • The one prayer Kiara says that makes her feel THE most powerful
  • The balance of grace & grit that’s needed to truly surrender to the Divine’s plan for our lives
  • Spiritual self-esteem and how to handle doubts about our own Divinity and & the guidance you receive
  • How to use ‘immediacy’ for real & truthful conversations in all of your relationships

Zenned Out Blog: All your Tarot Questions Answered

Is something holding you back from giving tarot card readings?

Do you have some unanswered questions that you’re just not sure about and don’t know who to go to get real answers from?

There’s something about tarot that seems a little more intimidating than oracle cards. It feels like you really need to “know” the cards in order to move forward, and you might be afraid that you’ll do something wrong in a reading.

I’ve teamed up with Zenned Out to answer all your tarot questions like where the heck to start, how to perform a reading for yourself and others, how to read objectively, and what to do when you get a “scary” card.

Looking for some self-love inspiration? Check out my Spiritual Entrepreneur podcast interview with Devi Adea.

In this episode, we talk about everything from loving yourself and your body, to travel, to alkalizing your body through plant-based living, to how to manage your weekly schedule to enjoy a great lifestyle as a spiritual entrepreneur.  

Brit really brings home that we get to chose our life experiences moment by moment and we can always select that what brings us the most joy.  That is how she chooses what goes on her calendar and it has played a big part in going from 75 pounds overweight to fully expressing her unique exceptional beauty and loving herself, shining from the inside as a healthy and radiant Spiritual Entrepreneur.  

This episode is a great reminder to love yourself and to be yourself unapologetically!  

Blog Society Feature: How Health and Wellness Has Impacted My Entrepreneurial Journey

When you start down the path as an entrepreneur, you are sending a loud and clear signal to the universe that says, “Hey, I have a desire inside of me that is burning and I MUST take control and create [insert your desire here] for the world!”

What you might not realize is that YOU are choosing to tap into the personal power that each and every one of us has within. When that fire is activated, you feel like you’re jumping on a rocket ship to the moon with no seat belt! Seriously, the deep burning desire within can be unstoppable without taking a step back to reign it all in.

The entrepreneur’s mind says: GO! GO! GO! and that’s GREAT when you’re starting a self-made business and your creative juices are flowing and you can’t help but want to keep creating MORE & MORE content/services for your tribe. It can be a never-ending creative spiral. That’s how I KNOW health + wellness play a MAJOR role in being a successful entrepreneur.

Just as we are taking control of our business life, schedule, income, and creative outlet into the world – we MUST take control of our physical + mental well-being. Not only should we take control of our health, but we MUST make it a priority.

Embodying an Elevated Life with Brittney Carmichael | The Beauty Solopreneur

Independent Beauty Pros Founder Lynzie Smith is talking with Brittney Carmichael. Brit is known for her spiritual ‘truth-tellin’ style. Her mission, along with her husband Chris, is to inspire others to create a soul-filled life that’s full of purpose + passion + peacefulness. Lynzie will also be attending The Evolved Couple’s Retreat with her boyfriend in February 2022. This 5-day luxury couples retreat in Destin, FL focuses on what Brit and Chris have learned in their own journey as life partners towards honesty, vulnerability, truth, and trust. This conversation is a perfect lead in to what that magical experience will look like for all eight couples attending!

Growing Together as a Couple w/ @TheWorldByBrit by Backroom Beauty Talks with Misty Jayne

Brit Carmichael is back for conversation round 2!! This time we are talking about relationships.