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I’m a trailblazing lightworker on a mission to inspire and empower badass women to build a life and business they love so they can SHINE from the inside.

I’m like the truth-telling bestie you’ve always wanted. I embody a unique method of combining intuitive awareness and compassionate honesty with spiritual truths and techniques to help you break free of fear and discover your deepest desires and uncover who you really are.

It’s time to live a life of passion  Stop waiting…it’s yours to create!

I'm Brit!

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My Soul Mission


What does it mean to shine from the inside?

  • You live life on your terms.
  • You connect to the core of compassion.

And above all, you embody your authentic truth. Gandhi says,

When you shine from the inside there is an unmistakable radiant positivity that exudes effortless confidence and grace.


Like Miss America, I was wishing for world peace, but my own life…well, that’s another story.

In 2012, shit hit the fan.

My life-long struggle with self-love had me 75 pounds overweight, my career as a successful hairstylist had me overworking and my work/life balance out of whack, and to top it off my mom had a massive stroke that she has now thankfully overcome. 

Working behind the chair taught me that beauty isn’t something to be found on the outside.

Beauty is the ability to be your authentic self and shine from the inside.

The mindset created by those major shifts in my life have reminded me that each day is a gift to be grateful for and we are not promised tomorrow.

That our life is our responsibility and we must take inspired action to make the changes we already know we must make.

My struggles showed me that we have the power to create miracles in our life by transforming past hurt or failure into a stepping stone to unlocking our greatness.

I can only look back with gratitude for those blessings in disguise.


“We attain inner peace when we relinquish fear and accept love.”

oday, I connect with how I want to feel in each present moment, tune into my authentic truth, and create space through meditation to receive inner guidance to allow me to tap into my unique power and share my gift with the world by just being…me.

If you are a passion-driven woman who feels the call to RISE up from your darkness and SHINE your light…

A woman who is here to take control and be a leader…then let this be your time to celebrate freedom, support self-love, and create sisterhood by being the change.


I've been a trusted guide for powerful women seeking self-empowerment and big dreams. For almost 2 decades, I've helped thousands of clients break free from fear and limitation to find their true passion and purpose.

Working with me is about so much more than checking tasks off a to-do list. It's about transformation - inside and out. It's about feeling the magic and aliveness that comes from fully embracing your authentic self. Through one-on-one coaching, workshops and retreats, I help women shed layers of overwhelm, anxiety and self-doubt to reconnect to their inner wisdom and creativity.

In sessions, I see straight to your soul and help you recognize your innate gifts, strengths and unlimited potential. Through targeted guidance, affirmations and practical tools, I inspire radical self-love and empower you to turn your passion into profits on your own unique timeline & terms.

Previous clients describe working with me as feeling 'supercharged', regaining confidence and finding community among like-minded boss babes. Some have doubled their income, launched new businesses and taken bigger leaps forward in just 90 days with my support. I can't wait to help you achieve what once felt impossible too.

Are you ready to stop hiding your sparkle and make this your most transformative year yet? I'd love to be your coach - get in touch today to experience the magic.

Your most authentic, badass self is waiting to shine!

Are you ready to unleash your inner goddess and transform your life beyond what you can imagine?

My nurturing yet no-nonsense approach creates a safe space for you to drop all masks to embrace radical vulnerability.

If you’ve felt a calling for change but aren’t exactly sure where to start, no worries, because you’re in the right place…

From connecting for a 1-hour Tarot Reading to diving deep in my 90-Day Coaching Intensive I’ve got you covered. Looking for monthly accountability? Try my coaching club The Elevated Life® or begin your 6-week journey of self-discovery in my signature self-love course Shine School®.

it's your time to shine

Let's Create Magic Together!

#SHINETRIBE Sisterhood invites you to share your thoughts in a highly uplifting, positive, and safe environment dedicated to your spiritual growth so you never feel alone on your spiritual self-discovery journey.

Looking for a sisterhood to call home? 

My private community #SHINETRIBE Sisterhood is a place where women can creatively collaborate with the support of other like-minded soul-sisters.

Fun Facts About Me

Libra. Pisces. Pisces.

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Part Icelandic. Part Gypsy.

Vegan Yogi + Tarot Card Lover

Psychic Medium + Clairvoyant

Hairdresser By Day, Miracle-working Wizard By Night

My Hubby Says I’m Like Lisa Frank Meets Coco Chanel!

I Have A Hairless Cat Named Noodles + A Blue Chihuahua Named Rupert

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In this 3 day virtual retreat, Brit shares her top transformational tools to help you tap into your intuition, reclaim your power (hello boundaries), and say F* you to fear so you can confidently step into your purpose like the star you are! 💫

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