I’m Brit and I’m a trailblazing lightworker on a mission to inspire + empower badass women to live a life they love + SHINE from the inside.

I’m like the truth-telling bestie you’ve always wanted. I embody a unique method of combining intuitive awareness + compassionate honesty with spiritual truths + techniques to help you break free of fear + discover your deepest desires.

It’s time to live your BEST LIFE!

Stop waiting – it’s yours to create!


When you shine from the inside there is an unmistakable radiant positivity that exudes effortless confidence and grace. You live life on your terms. You connect to the core of compassion. And above all, you embody your authentic truth. Ghandi says,

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Like Miss America, I was wishing for world peace, but my own life…well, that’s another story.

In 2012 – shit hit the fan. My life-long struggle with self-love had me 75lbs overweight, my career as a successful hairstylist had me overworking and my work/life balance out of whack, and to top it off my mom had a massive stroke that she has now thankfully overcome. 

Working behind the chair taught me that beauty isn’t something to be found on the outside. Beauty, to me, is the ability to be your authentic self and SHINE from the inside.

I can only look back with gratitude for those blessings in disguise. The mindsets created from those major shifts in my life have reminded me that each day is a gift to be grateful for and we are not promised tomorrow. That our life is our responsibility and we must take inspired action to make the changes we already know we must make. My struggles showed me that we have the power to create miracles in our life by transforming past hurt or failure into a stepping stone to unlocking our greatness.

Marianne Williamson reminds us,
“We attain inner peace when we relinquish fear and accept love.”

Today, I connect with how I want to feel in each present moment, tune into my authentic truth, and create space through meditation to receive inner guidance to allow me to tap into my unique power and share my gift with the world….by just being…me.

If you are a passion-driven woman who feels the call to RISE + SHINE. A woman who is here to take control + be a leader…then let this be your time to celebrate freedom + support self-love + sisterhood by being the change.

I believe…beauty begins within
I believe…in speaking your truth + following your heart
I believe…in trusting your guts
I believe…you deserve your love + affection
I believe…in trying new things + failing a few times
I believe…your thoughts create your reality
I believe…your story is your message
I believe…in kindness + compassion
I believe…you already have the power to create your dream life now (think Dorothy + sparkly magic shoes)
I believe…in the beauty of my dreams
I believe…in YOU!

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If you’ve felt a calling for change but aren’t exactly sure where to start, no worries, because you’re in the right place…

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Brittney Carmichael is the founder of Shine School, an online course to help women return to radical self-love and SHINE from the inside. Brit is a spiritual mentor, psychic medium, hairstylist, and empowerment coach for female entrepreneurs.
She is known for her spiritual truth-tellin’ style and her ability to make women beautiful – inside & out. 
Brit teaches women how to SHINE from the inside by breaking free of negative beliefs, letting go of limiting labels, and tapping into creative power so that they can confidently trust their intuition to live life with intention.

Named a ‘Beauty Guru’ by Behind The Chair, Brit offers powerful inside-out transformations in her luxury vegan hair salon, OMGhairstyles, in Frisco, Texas.

She is also known for her inspiring impact in her online community #SHINETRIBE Sisterhood and intuitive insights on her famous Woo-Woo Wednesday Tarot Readings.

Her mission is to inspire women to create a soul-filled life that’s full of purpose + passion + peacefulness.

After overcoming years of a lack of self-love, Brit has become a firm believer that holistic wellness and self-care must be the foundation for conscious living and intentional leadership. Experiencing breakthroughs in her personal life and business, she is passionate about supporting women exploring their own unique gifts and helping them share their message with the world. She is happily married to her soulmate, Chris, who has been a major supporter of her success. She is passionate about exploring the world, learning new things, and spending her free time in nature with the hubby.

Part Icelandic. Part Gypsy.
yogi + green juice lover
Psychic Medium + Clairvoyant
Hairdresser by day, Miracle-working wizard by night
My hubby says I’m like Lisa Frank meets Coco Chanel
I have a hairless cat named Noodles + a blue Chihuahua named Rupert

Working with Britt is the best thing I could have ever done for myself and for my business. I originally signed up for Britt’s Mastermind thinking that she would help get my booty in gear for the business I had talked about creating for years. Well, not only did she help me with my business, she helped me with SO much more. If you’re on the fence about working with Britt and asking yourself if it is worth the investment, the answer is it totally is worth it, 100%! I wouldn’t be where I am today without Britt’s guidance, constant encouragement, and coaching. I am the happiest I have ever been in my adult life and now have a thriving business all because of Britt. Britt helps you to realize you had the power to do it all along, something I would have never thought possible even 1 year ago. Don’t wait, invest in yourself!-Jessie Wagner

I was at a crossroad working in corporate America and pursuing my passion. My life was in discord. My finances were dwindling. My spirit was in a dark place. I had no work/life balance. I took on many unappreciative clients to make ends meet. Every day I was drained. This isn’t what I envisioned for myself. I deserved better. I didn’t know how to change this around.

One day, Brittney gave me the best advice ever. “You can choose to have better…. you know. If you don’t like it, don’t accept it. You can create the life you want.” Sounded easy. Right? I was programmed to accept whatever came my way… even things I didn’t want. This was the time to change. Her message was no voice fence. I was ready to receive. I started making small changes and the magic began.

Brittney opened my eyes to the power of choice. Power I always had, but forgot how to use along the way. To be aware of self. Your thoughts and words create your reality. Her way of delivering this message resonated with me. Her spirit is genuine, kind and welcoming. With her guidance, I’ve improved my life and the lives of those around me. Positivity is contagious. Brittney is truly gifted. This woman of light was meant to shine brightly.” -Naydja Quinn

“I was in the hands of someone who exuded enthusiasm and joy, someone who had committed herself to making women feel beautiful on many levels, and someone who helped me be a better version of myself. Brittney simply sees the possibilities in you and, before you know it, yousee them, too.

I’ve also participated in her master mind group and attended several creative sessions she’s hosted. As a result, I have a great group of like-minded women I can plug into for encouragement + advice. One of the tricks in life is to surround yourself with people who lift you up. I think of Brittney as a super-charged, spiritual battery. Once you plug into her inspiration, you’ll see what I mean.” – Erika Newsom