Full Moons are a time for gathering with your girlfriends to create a sacred space for connection and celebration. 

Join me on Monday, March 9th at 7:00 pm CST in Dallas, Texas at House of Dirt for a Full Moon Release Ritual and Guided Meditation where I’ll lead you through a simple yet powerful experience where you are invited to release the stress, worries, limiting beliefs, or anything else that’s energetically holding you back. 🙏🏻🔮

This is a FREE event so bring your soul sisters and I’ll see ya there. xo

RETREAT | destin, florida


spend time with your soul.

The Goddess Retreat is a full immersion experience to create a potent mix of magic and self-love set in the beautiful paradise of Destin, Florida on 2.20.2020. 

For 4 days you’ll join forces with powerful soul sisters to help you bust through the limiting blocks, doubts, and fears that have stopped you from going after your wildest dreams.

You’ll learn to create new self-care rituals, set healthy boundaries, and be surrounded by the empowerment you need to help you up-level in a safe and supportive environment. You will leave as a different woman with new soul sister connections.

Confidence. Connection. Collaboration. Creation.

Working with Brit is pure magic!

Brit has coached thousands of women seeking guidance in every area of life including self-love, building your dream career, spiritual growth, learning tarot and more.

When working with Brit, you will experience her unique method of combining intuitive awareness & compassionate honesty with spiritual truths to help shift your mental patterns and develop a deeper connection to your soul. You’ll be guided to achieve radical self-love, complete confidence, and peace of mind.

Interested in collabing with like-minded souls. Podcasts. Speaking Gigs. Retreats. Guest Blogging. Group Gatherings. Mentorship. Corporate Events.

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