“In order to change ourselves, we must first believe we can.” ― Marie Forleo

My B-School journey with Marie Forleo helped me reach six figures in multiple businesses.

I knew I was making sparkle magic with the women in my salon, but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. As I would do their hair, I’d feel their energy and naturally they’d tell me all about how they think and feel. I would give them advice, and they’d come in to their next appointment and tell me they acted on it by quitting that shitty job or toxic relationship.

I literally began to change not only these beautiful women’s hair but their lives too. 

Fueled by the incredible shifts in energy I was helping create, I felt a nudge one day that inspired me to step out from behind the chair and work with women on a deeper soul level. After months of resisting the calling, I finally set up a blog and began my coaching path, but I only made slow progress. I didn’t know anything about writing. I didn’t know how to get people to open my emails or how to put together a course.

“Even though I had a dream and loads of passion, I was lacking the practical knowledge to really get started.”

I watched all the free webinars and YouTube videos but still wasn’t quite getting there. I probably updated the about me page 900 times because I had NO idea what to say about myself outside of the salon.

As we evolve, who we serve also evolves, but in the beginning I didn’t know that you were supposed to decide your “ideal client” before trying to market to any and everyone.

I came across Marie Forleo’s B-School one day and I was like ‘Woah, I need to be a part of this.’ My soul felt like she was the person to teach me as a multi-passionate entrepreneur with multiple successful businesses. As soon as the doors opened to B-School, I invested in myself and the new path I was following. B-School has seen over 80,000 students from all over the world in all types of businesses and I knew I wanted to be one of the success stories too!

Not only did B-School help me reach six figures in the hair salon and my online business, but it also helped me find my purpose. I started as a hairdresser but knew there were other dreams inside me I was being called to.

B-School gave me the courage, formula and the structure to turn those dreams into reality. I knew the formula worked because it had helped my salon consistently make six figures so I began applying it to the other passions I wanted to turn into profit. However, there was something else I needed to work on, inside of me, to give me the confidence to start a new business from scratch.

My sparkle magic was ready to come out!

My Experience of B-School

When I got into B-School, I could not believe all the amazing content that was inside. There was a lot to get through, and I knew if I took the time to really do this, it was going to pay off. I studied harder than I ever studied before (since I didn’t go to college I made this my own kind of university!) I studied it every night, soaking up all the amazing information and nuggets of wisdom inside.

I diligently printed off all of the worksheets and filled them in. I was super disciplined at taking the program, and I was so motivated to make this work. (That’s why I suggest following your heart’s passion so you don’t have to look for the motivation – it comes from within.) It was undeniable the value of the experience with the amount of women working for themselves and their successes following B-School.

I was manifesting my dream and NOTHING was going to stand in my way!

My intention when I started B-School was to create an inspirational blog as a spiritual thought leader, but I was still working full time in the hair salon. As I began to work through the content, I decided that I should apply all the teachings I was learning to my salon and then slowly build my online business.

I wanted to take my salon to the next level and ‘go pro’. I began to think as my customer, which really changed everything for me. I truly elevated the salon experience, which also gave me the confidence to charge my worth and up my prices so I could start taking off the time I needed to begin building my online business.

My favorite principle that I learned in B-School was to ‘go pro’. 

Marie helped me to see my business from many different perspectives, but the real work is learning to believe in the dream that you have and not letting fear hold you back.

B-School x Shine School x The Elevated Life

Whether you are just starting a business, are in a business that you hate or you are just feeling a little stuck, this course will help you start, grow, and scale ANY business.

So here’s the thing, this is the ONLY program that I’m an affiliate for. Why? Because I truly believe in it and I have proven that it works in multiple types of business.

I understand that it’s a sizable investment and a big decision, which is why I’m giving you all the tools of confidence, mindset upgrades, and believing in yourself through gifting you my badass bonuses: Shine School and The Elevated Life! (valued at $800)

Join over 5,000 ambitious women and discover who you authentically are, get mindset tools to manifest your dreams, and break through the fears that hold you back from being a business owner and showing up in the world. My signature course has changed the lives of thousands of women, boosted their confidence, and set them on a success path. Value $497

Do you love what you’re doing? If the answer is no, you need to decide what lights you up and brings you joy. That’s exactly what Shine School helps you discover and why it’s the perfect pairing of business and self-love strategies.

Join Chris and me for an entire year of support in The Elevated Life Club where we share our strategies and techniques to help you step into your highest self. The Elevated Life Club gives you an extra layer of accountability and coaching. Along the way you might hit a roadblock and your motivation may start to drop off, so I’ve made sure to make it impossible to give up with access to monthly group coaching calls and a vault of over 40+ masterclasses, meditations, and yoga practices to help you up-level any area of your life. Value $990

PLUS Fast Action Bonus –
If you’re one of the first 10 people to sign up before Saturday February 22nd, I have an incredible free bonus for you. 

I want to help you get the most out of B-School so if you sign up before Saturday February 22nd, you will be added into a private accountability FB messenger group where you can ask questions and receive support directly from me. We will also have a B-School kick off call and a graduation call so you don’t have to do this alone. Value $888

👉🏼 If you’re ready to fast-track your results, this is the accelerator for spiritual and financial freedom you’ve been looking for!

When you sign up for B-School using my special link I’m offering you access to my signature self-discovery program, Shine School, to help you reclaim your power and a one year membership to The Elevated Life Club, our monthly group coaching program with an incredible stash of mental success strategies and spiritual tools taught by myself and my hubby Chris PLUS group coaching with ME (only for the first 10 sign ups!) as your guide to help you when setbacks or blocks come up.

Check out what one B-Schooler had to say….

“I signed up for B-School after waiting 6 years to finally give myself permission. HOLY COWBELLS BATMAN! I haven’t even gotten to the core lessons yet as I’ve been making my way through Start The Right Business. I just finished my business vision and BLAMO! I see so clearly now what I need to do to get where I want to be. My offerings and pricing came seamlessly, the people I surround myself with felt like no-brainer choices that I don’t think I would have considered otherwise, and my demographic, my ‘why’ and resulting impact in the world stunned and then motivated me. I know the pump had been primed in the 6 previous lessons, but for an hour of writing from the heart, it all fell into place so quickly! If the 2k for B-School was spent just on this program alone, it would have been worth every penny.” ~ Adrienne

You need marketing but you also need magic. 

Did you know that 53.2 million Americans aren’t sure their college degree was worth the money? (Finder) Yep, that’s a massive cost to pay out and not even use. B-School is a business education that’s going to give you the tools to make an impact and an income doing what you love and the strategies to bring your dream to life.

Comparing the cost of it to a college degree makes it significantly lower and hey much more fun to do it with people who are also aspiring to be entrepreneurs. The community you’re surrounded by once inside the doors of B-School will make an incredible difference in holding you accountable and helping you along the way.

To attend one of the top business schools, will cost you in the ballpark of $148k. Ouch. B-School is an absolute fraction of this cost and you’re being taught by one of the greatest business leaders of our time.

Even Oprah says that Marie Forleo is a thought leader for the next generation!

My Final Thoughts about B-School

My favorite thing about B-School that isn’t all business?

The community of heart based leaders.

You can plug into a new empowering community of amazing people who are just as ambitious as you. You do not feel alone or like a beginner. By surrounding yourself with these people, you are immediately setting yourself up to be successful.

They say you are a make up of the 5 closest people you keep so this is essential to helping you fast track your growth.

I’ve even met some people in person from the B-School community and those connections are so impactful. It’s both the knowledge and the community of those looking to make a difference that makes this program priceless.

One thing that I love to do is to go back through the trainings each year and access the bonus videos. As you begin to grow your business, topics such as scaling from six to seven figures are even more valuable later on in your business journey. They stay up to date with what’s working in the world so I’m always learning something new when I plug back in.

I really love the support but remember, you have to show up and do the work.

Building your dreams comes down to hard work and making things happen. You need to be dedicated to get the most out of B-School. It’s not just a business course about making money, it’s a business course teaching you how to do what you love and make a big impact on the world.

B-School isn’t for everyone, it’s for people willing to put in the work and take action.

So if all you’re lacking is the plan to put your dreams in place – this course will help you get started step by step! Heck, even if you’re not TOTALLY sure what your new business idea is – this course will help you gain the clarity and focus you’re looking for.

I believe that now more than ever, people are being inspired to fulfill their life’s purpose and mission.

There are so many souls being nudged in this new direction but are lacking the practical knowledge of getting started.

Start Creating Sparkle Magic with Your Business Now

If you already have the inner nudge, the dream or the idea, or even if you don’t have the full clarity of what that is, now is the time to act.

Don’t let any excuses hold you back from your dreams.

When I decided to go to beauty school, my parents couldn’t pay so I decided to manifest the money myself. I worked 3 retail jobs to save up $6k to pay for beauty school. I met my man Chris 3 months into beauty school, soooo I quit my jobs to spend more time with him – young love, huh!

I was still on the line for paying for school and although Chris offered to help, I didn’t want it. I’m stubborn (let’s call it independent) and wanted to do it myself. Buuut I did take his advice of offering high ticket services like hair extensions. What I quickly learned is that strippers pay a lot of cash to have their hair on point. That was my first “ideal client” and I didn’t even know it. LOL!

Right out of beauty school I decided to set up my own suite and make my own money; my way.

I knew I wanted to make six figures, so I broke down how much that I needed to make every day. $385 x 5 days a week = 6 figures. 

When you have a goal in mind, there is nothing that can stop that passion and determination. The only thing that can stop you achieving that dream is you. I found my passion and it drove me forward.

One of the powerful lessons I teach inside Shine School is about turning your dreams into reality with the power of manifestation/visualization. When you stop focusing on the money and focus on what you’re passionate about, the avenues which make it possible seem to magically open up.

Demand it from the universe as we’re in a made to order world!

Ask the universe by stating ‘I need $2,500 to invest in B-School so I can grow my business, make an impact in the world, and make massive income doing what I love.’

Money likes specificity.

It wants to move with purpose. So the more clear you are on the purpose of the money, the faster you can magnetize it to you. This usually brings up any limiting beliefs or lack mindset, so be aware of the stories you tell yourself when you say something isn’t possible.

Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

If you’ve been thinking about B-School, take this as a sign! But be quick, as it only opens one per year and the doors close soon! Join me in B-School x Shine School x The Elevated Life x My Coaching Accelerator and get ready to take your dreams to the next level!

It’s your time to SHINE babe! xo

After taking B-School in 2014 and taking multiple businesses to 6-figures with the lessons I’ve learned from Marie, there’s no doubt I’m an affiliate and may receive compensation but can’t guarantee the same results.


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