“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” -Harriet Tubman

Happy Full Super Moon in Taurus!

You might be feeling a little inner tug-o-war with yourself during this Full Moon in Taurus.

The patient, practical, and grounded Taurus energy doesn’t want to move out of its comfort zone of pleasure and the Sun in Scorpio is impatiently pulling for change and asking us to look within for what will push us outside of our comfort zones.

One thing is for sure, a transformation is happening so surrender yourself to the flow of change that is taking you to the next level of growth for you.

Last month was all about setting intentions for what you want to attract and this Taurus full moon is all about allowing that abundance into your life.

The Universe is on your side and is working behind-the-scenes to bring you whatever you need most right now, however, you are being asked to start taking clear, methodical steps in the direction you desire.

You are being offered new opportunity filled with unlimited potential. Trust that this energy is working for you so it’s important not to judge, resist, or blame the changes taking place in your life.

Get grounded in your detailed plan and take slow, calculated steps so you don‘t use this powerful transformative energy like a bull in a china shop. (Think: Cool. Calm. Collected!)

Ask yourself:

1. Have I been overindulgent or lazy this month?
2. Have I been spending too much money?
3. Have I been stubborn, selfish, or jealous?
4. Have I been eating for comfort?
5. Have I been exercising enough?

Remember that the Taurus energy is also about CASH MONEY so now is a great time to release any abundance blocks you’ve been holding on to in your belief system.

Download this FREE Full Moon Release Guided Meditation to help you RELEASE blocks, stress and worry so you can make room for abundance.

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