“Find out what your gift is and nurture it.” -Katy Perry

Happy Full Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse in Leo!

What a mouthful, huh? This moon is packed with lots of cosmic planetary power calling us to confidently be ourselves and express our unique creativity.

Take a moment to think about what themes are coming to a close for you at this time.

To be able to step into a new version of yourself you must let go of who you’re not anymore.

Now is the time to take fierce pride in our self-care and nurture our soul in whatever way we see fit.

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Eclipses stir up changes in our lives and usually represent a turning point where our sense of security or comfort is shaken and we’re forced to look within to discover our Truth, our fears, and our hopes and dreams.

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What’s coming to light for you?

The Full Moon is a time to clear things out, letting go of the past and things that no longer positively serve. If you notice things start to naturally exit your life, don’t hold on. Just let go.

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Use this moon energy to give yourself the extra push you need to fully embrace your unique, authentic self. 

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You are here for a reason. 

You are the only one like you! 

Be yourself and stop giving a shit what other people think about you. 

Your opinion is the ONLY one that matters.

Listen to your heart.

Live your Truth. 

Be free.

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