Tarot cards are one of my favorite spiritual tools to use.

I have been reading tarot cards for a long time now and have come across a whole lot of different decks! I wasn’t always so experienced with the woo and just like some of you, I was also a beginner just starting out many moons ago, so in this blog I’m sharing my 5 favorite decks that I use in my spiritual practice.

Tarot takes time to master and once you’ve learned how to read tarot cards for yourself, you can learn to read them for others. That’s exactly what I did and why I created my course Tarot 101

If you’re new to woo, Tarot cards are a tool that can be used for clarity, guidance and divination. They are a deck of cards consisting of 78 cards, featuring a major arcana and minor arcana. No one truly knows the origin of tarot but some say it can go back as far as ancient Egyptian times. 

There are a lot of decks on the market so below are some of my favorites, that I know you’re gonna love as much as I love them!

Here’s a summary of my 5 Favorite Tarot Decks:

Morgan Greer Tarot

If you’re looking for traditional looking Tarot, this deck has your back. Very similar to the classic Rider Waite deck, the imagery is bold, colourful and beautiful. The images have actually got quite a 70’s vibe to them, which I totally dig!

Purchase the Morgan Greer Tarot here.

Crystal Unicorn Tarot by Pamela Chen

The Crystal Unicorn deck is sooo gorgeous and playful and comes from one of my unicorn friends Pamela Chen! One look at the cards and you’ll see the sparkle magic bursting out of them – and obviously why I love them! Based on the traditional tarot deck, each card used beautifully illustrated unicorns instead.

Purchase the Crystal Unicorn Tarot here.

The Moonchild Tarot

This deck is absolutely stunning featuring gorgeous spiritual art by the talented Danielle Noel. This deck is a complete joy to work with and just hold – the imagery is magical and beautiful, all bundled into a Pandora’s box of gorgeous tarot! This is for you if you’re a lover of the moon.

Purchase the Moonchild Tarot here.

Osho Zen Tarot

Osho is my all time favorite philosopher and guru so when I learned he had a deck I knew this would be the perfect gift for my husband. This beautiful deck is based all around the wisdom of Zen and being present, in the here and now. This 79 card deck focuses on drawing our attention to our inner feelings and encourages us to reflect on them.

Purchase the Osho Zen Tarot here.

Thoth Tarot

This tarot deck is beautifully illustrated and a reimagined version of the traditional tarot deck cards based on the deep esoteric wisdom of Alister Crowley. The creator took inspirations from many different disciplines such as science, philosophy, astrology, the kabbalah, and more to create this gorgeous deck. This is NOT a deck for beginners.

Purchase the Thoth Tarot here.

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