“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” -Buddha

New Super Moon in Pisces 2024 Horoscope ♓

Tune into the intuitive and dreamy vibes that Pisces has to offer. As the last sign in the astrological year, we’re collectively starting to wrap things up and prepare for the next chapter in life’s story. But this time, you hold the pen. 

Whether you’ve got old emotions flowing up to be released or you feel a little scattered. Remember that all things happen for a reason and in perfect timing. Ask yourself – what has expired in my life and fully surrender.

Try to create more balance and harmony.

You’re finally coming into a place of wholeness where you feel like you can begin a new adventure with a fresh perspective.

New Moons symbolize the perfect time to set new intentions so begin to think about how you want to feel as you move through this next chapter of your life. What emotions and energies would you like to create more of? 

Pisces offers healing energy to help us cleanse away anger and allow acceptance and forgiveness to set in.

See your life from a bigger perspective and understand these “traumas” needed to happen to help you spiritually grow. No need to keep punishing yourself by picking at old wounds.

Heal your hatred with love.

Honor yourself for all that you have endured and celebrate the fact that you’re here today STRONGER than ever.

You are meant to be here. 

Close up this chapter in life and embrace the lesson of wisdom it taught you. 

Get ready for what’s to come by planting seeds of desire into your mind and heart. xo

If you’re ready to put your manifesting skills to the test, then I invite you to take a peek at today’s blog where I’ll teach you how to perform a New Moon Manifesting Ritual.

Comment below and let me know what you’re intending to manifest on this powerful New Moon!

Affirmations for your Zodiac:

  • ARIES: I allow myself to surrender control of situations that no longer serve me to make room for my passions.
  • TAURUS: I connect to a community of love and support.
  • GEMINI: I accept my destiny and trust the next steps unfolding.
  • CANCER: I give myself permission to explore my inner self and try new things.
  • LEO: I am a successful leader because I allow both my light and dark to be seen.
  • VIRGO: I accept intimacy from others and myself even when it’s uncomfortable.
  • LIBRA: I am focused, balanced, and make healthy choices in all things I do.
  • SCORPIO: I am creative and give myself permission to have fun and play.
  • SAGITTARIUS: I am comfortable, supported, and allow unlimited abundance.
  • CAPRICORN: I am open to make new connections and friendships that support my highest good.
  • AQUARIUS: I am strong in my integrity and believe I can achieve anything I set my heart and soul to.
  • PISCES: I allow natural skills and talents to attract magical new opportunities that align with my highest good.


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