“Be bold, be brave enough to be your true self.” -Queen Latifah

🌕 Happy Full Moon in Gemini

With the end of the year coming to a close we have the final Full Moon in Gemini to shake away what no longer serves our highest good and update your inner dialogue to reflect more self-love.

And after this year, I think we’ve all had a couple of perspective shifts that have shown us what we’ve outgrown and the changes we’re being called to make.

Growth happens outside your comfort zone. 

Each month of this year has helped to unfold different layers and aspects of your spiritual self getting you closer to the Truth of who you really are. 

The Gemini Full Moon’s is inviting you to LET GO of anything that isn’t working in your life and start believing change is possible for you. 

Try this Full Moon Release Guided Meditation to help you relax, let go, and feel good.

Self-reflection will help you stay somewhat sane in the changes taking place. It’s important to reflect on all the accomplishments and lessons you’ve learned so far.

Journal Prompts to Reflect on the Past Year:

How have you grown?
What relationships are supporting you? What have you let slip this year that you want to recommit to?
What no longer aligns with who you are today?
What was your biggest celebration?
Your biggest lesson?
Any regrets?

This full moon packs a truthful punch and brings real clarity about where we’re heading if we summon the courage to embrace change.

Acceptance teaches us to grow through our own weaknesses. -Chris Carmichael

Gemini’s are the chatty Kathy’s of the group so don’t be surprised if your social circle starts buzzing with activity. Keep in mind that Mars is Retrograde all month so taking action might feel a little hard and heated so just sit back, relax, and enjoy the down time on your dreams. Be present with people you love.

Be intentional with your words, deeds, thoughts, and who you surround yourself with.

Use the illumination of this Full Moon to light the way towards your new life. Let go and have trust that you are exactly where you need to be. Your intuition is heightened this month so be sure to pay attention to any inner nudges guiding you to change.

Since Gemini are the twins of the Zodiac, this month calls for BALANCE between your inner and outer selves.

Think intuition vs logic, masculine vs feminine, work vs life, doing vs being.

This is your chance to leave the past behind and start a new creative beginning that supports your fullest potential. Believe in the possibilities!

Comment below and share what you’re going to focus on in the next chapter of your life?

Try this Full Moon Release Ritual (and FREE guided meditation) to help you release and reconnect.


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