Oracle Cards Are One Of My Favorite Spiritual Tools To Use For Connecting With My Intuition.

After a near death experience leading me to a psychic who told me I “had the gift” and that I should start reading tarot, I’ve been on a wild woo-woo ride of uncovering the magic of divination tools and metaphysics.

I have been reading cards for nearly a decade and have come across hundreds of different decks, so in this blog I’m sharing my 5 favorite oracle decks that I use in my daily spiritual practice.

Tarot takes some serious time to master, and honestly I had no intention of ever reading professionally. Buuut I fell in love with the instant clarity and soul connection I had when using this system. Once I realized how effective this was, I wanted to help others tap into this powerful tool too so getting started with something simple like oracle cards is the perfect way to practice.

Because there are so many decks on the market and let’s face it – they aren’t all made equally, so below are some of my favorites that pack a powerful punch to give you the wisdom and clarity you need in each moment.

Here’s a summary of my 5 Favorite Oracle Decks:

Shine from the Inside Oracle by Brittney Carmichael (me!)

The first on my list has to be my own deck that I created full of self love and sparkle magic, beautifully illustrated by the amazing Jena Kane. I was called to create this deck as a tool to help support soul connection through daily self-care rituals. The colorful 44 card deck takes the empowering lessons from my signature course Shine School to remind you to believe in yourself and reclaim your power. You can do a virtual pick a card to reveal your oracle message and access the free bonus goodies that come with your deck.

Purchase the Shine from the Inside Oracle here.

The Awakened Soul Oracle by Ethony Dawn

The Awakened Soul Oracle was created for mystics in mind. This beautiful 50 card deck is beautifully illustrated and was created full of intention by the artist. This deck is very inspiring, vibrant and full of positivity. The cards are also very easy to read too, meaning that if you need to know what the card means, you can just read it straight off the card rather than studying the guidebook. This is perfect for someone on a spiritual awakening journey and wants to uncover more magic within.

Purchase the Awakened Soul Oracle here.

Nature’s Whispers Oracle by Angela Hartfield

This deck is absolutely beautiful and stunning, full of fairies, unicorns and nature’s beauty. This 50 card deck is literally a box of fairytale magic. The cards are very easy to read and contain inspiring messages too. Each card is a mini magical art piece and the deck overall is an absolute uplifting joy to work with. This deck is perfect for someone who is inspired by natures beauty and wisdom.

Purchase the Nature’s Whispers Oracle here.

Work your Light Oracle by Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell has published a handful of oracle decks and each one is full of spiritual magic. Work your Light is one of her popular decks and accompany’s her Work your Light book that she published. Beautifully illustrated by spiritual artist, Danielle Noel, this 44 card deck takes you on a spiritual journey as a lightworker. If you’re looking to overcome your fear of being a lightworker, check out this chat I had with Rebecca!

Purchase the Work your Light Oracle here.

The Wild Unknown Archetypes Oracle by Kim Krans

This Wild Unknown Archetypes is a very unique oracle deck made for the modern mystic. First off, the cards are round rather than your traditional card shape and the box and guidebook are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The artwork is bold and vivid with 78 cards in 4 different suits. The guidebook is jam packed with deep wisdom of the different archetypes of the human psyche and how both the dark and light sides can show themselves. A must own for anyone who loves Carl Jung! 😉

Purchase the Wild Unknown Archetypes Oracle here.

Because I love these products so much by clicking on the links in this blog you understand that I may receive affiliate compensation at no expense to you.

Let’s Create Some Self-Care Magic ✨

In Oracle 101, you’ll learn how to connect with oracle cards to develop your intuition and reclaim your confidence. If you’re new to the woo, then this empowering oracle class is great to get started with building healthy habits into your daily rituals.

Creating easy self-care rituals has shown to increase mindfulness and reduce stress so I’m going to teach you my favorite tool to help you commit to your self-love: oracle cards!

Empaths, lightworkers, and healers tend to not know how to set boundaries (guilt-free) and stop overgiving which leads to massive burnout and even physical issues.

You’ll learn how to easily start using oracle cards as your go-to ritual for self-care so you have constant clarity along your spiritual journey.


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