So you might not already know this about me, but I’m a psychic medium. 

I know, I know – I hear ya. WTF?!

I wouldn’t have ever guessed this would be my life path, but it is. And I’m grateful for the beautiful things I’ve experienced in connecting others with their past loved ones. (Even my own relatives!)

But enough about that. 

Something I REALLY want to share with you is that I started doing FREE weekly Live Facebook videos called Woo-Woo Wednesday that I have grown to LOVE!

Each week I draw 3 tarot or oracle cards that represent what’s going on (energetically) for the week and what we can be looking for. I use my intuitive gifts to interpret the tarot reading in a fun, uplifting, and positive way to encourage you stay in your zone of genius! 🙂

If you know NOTHING about tarot, it’s totally cool. I didn’t either until I stumbled upon them at my first metaphysical shop.

(I will have some fun blogs coming up this year about how you can use the tool of tarot to connect to your soul’s voice and other fun woo-woo stuff like crystals, chakras, and how to smudge out the negative energy of others.)

If this resonates with ya and you haven’t yet had a chance to join a Live reading with me, you can check them out over on my Facebook page every Wednesday. (Be sure to “Like” the page so you can receive instant notifications of when I go live.)

If you can’t catch me live, be sure to head over there and watch the playback.

Each week I’m completely blown away by the beauty of what messages come through and the feedback of how accurate each reading is for others. #happyheart

The most important thing is that you TRUST your OWN intuitions, vibes, visualizations, and gut feelings during the reading so you can receive the exact message for YOU! 

This week I’m sharing some spiritual vibes and bringing in the New Year with a magical reading that inspires you with Strength, suggests your dreams are fulfilled and hard work pays off, and new opportunities will be flowing your way to offer a change in direction and happiness.


Interested in a 1:1 reading with Brit?


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