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This week is ALL about healing from the past and creating positive changes in your health.

Have you been experiencing emotional triggers that bring up the past?
You’re being called to practice forgiveness and allow yourself to release and heal from any past pain you’ve been holding on to.
If you’re grieving a passed loved one, this is a message to your soul to release the heaviness so you can heal.

Now is the time to take action and make positive changes in your diet.

Have you been intuitively feeling like you want to eliminate those less than healthy habits? Quit drinking, stop smoking, drink more water or eat more veggies. Whatever it is it’s time to take action now!

Heeeelloooo, health care change comes up as the final card to make it clear AF that health is the focus here.

Emerson said the first wealth is health and your spirit guides are screamin’ at ya to commit to creating healthy habit changes.

More meditation, start your yoga practice, stop eating animals, ditch the pills, or leave the toxic environment.
Do it NOW! xo

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