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This week we have a Full Moon in Scorpio and you’re being asked to dive deep into intuitive inner healing and shadow work.

The High Priestess is the most psychic and intuitive of the tarot and reminds you that you have all the wisdom within. You know exactly what you need to do right now to release what is weighing on you. Take inspired action and you will build your intuitive confidence.
The Shadow Work card comes up to shine light on the darker aspects of your Self. In order to be holistic, we must embrace the WHOLE of ourselves. The light and the dark. Without the contrasting darkness, your light wouldn’t be able to SHINE. Embrace your pain, acknowledge your anger, and honor whatever is still hurting within.
The 4 of Swords showing you spending time in rest and meditation. Take time to recuperate after the healing has been initiated.

Give yourself space and time for inner reflection and relaxation.

Use the power of this Full Moon to release the old version of yourself in order to emerge and expand. xo

“From spiritual goose bumps to a much-needed release through tears, I had multiple ah-ha moments on our 1:1 call. Brittney has an incredible way of communicating the message from spirit and tapping into exactly what needs to be said in the moment to create momentum. Momentum in both my personal life, my career and my future casting. Her high-vibe tips are brilliant (no more cell phone next to the bed!) and I would highly recommend anyone and everyone investing in themselves for a breakthrough call with Brittney! You’ll leave with a new sense of clarity and mega confidence!”

Love & Light, Seana | The Bohemian Blonde


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