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This week’s oracle card reading is very special to my heart because it is the first time I’ve done a reading with my forthcoming oracle deck, Shine from the inside! The message was nothing short of magical and I know this deck will empower your self-love and inspire you to find your authenticity. 🔮

“Believe in yourself. Unleash your inner unicorn.” shows up to help you tap into your power. Our inner unicorn knows our wildest dreams and desires. Tapping into the untamed energy of your inner unicorn feels like absolute freedom and gives you permission to be your authentic self. Where have you been holding yourself back? Be honest.

You are here for a reason and your magical side is beginning to awaken.

Stop questioning your worth and start empowering yourself from the inside. Speak kindly to yourself, commit to changes that would improve your self-care, and keep following the inner nudge guiding to towards your dreams. Confidence is the key to making your dreams happen. 🦄

“You are pure magic.” shows up as a reminder that you are nothing short of perfect. You were created to grow through the lessons that help you understand the meaning of life. Don’t dull your shine because you’re embarrassed about the path that got you to this point. 🌈

“Set your intentions with heart and soul.” says living a life that’s filled with passion and purpose starts with intention. Setting an intention for how you want you feel and what you want to experience puts into motion opportunities to express your desires. Every moment of your life you are making a choice and your intentions set the tone for optimism and hope. 👁️

Wayne Dyer said, “Our intention creates our reality.” 

It’s easy to set an intention before a yoga class but do you harness the power of intentional living in all areas of your life? xo

“From spiritual goose bumps to a much-needed release through tears, I had multiple ah-ha moments on our 1:1 call. Brittney has an incredible way of communicating the message from spirit and tapping into exactly what needs to be said in the moment to create momentum. Momentum in both my personal life, my career and my future casting. Her high-vibe tips are brilliant (no more cell phone next to the bed!) and I would highly recommend anyone and everyone investing in themselves for a breakthrough call with Brittney! You’ll leave with a new sense of clarity and mega confidence!”

Love & Light, Seana | The Bohemian Blonde


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