“Find out what your gift is and nurture it.” -Katy Perry

Happy Full Moon in Cancer!

We’re bringing in the New Year with a Full Moon in Cancer that invites us to tune into our deepest feelings and let go of the past to manifest a new future.

This full moon comes with endings in areas you’ve been holding on too long and will stir up sensitive emotions.

Watch out for your emotional floodgates to pour open and use this healing time to mend any relationships that need attention.

Take a moment to reflect on the past themes that popped up for you.

What did you have to confront?
What did you have to heal?
What new adventure where you called to start?
What did you say goodbye to?

In order to start this new year with a fresh perspective and clean emotional slate, we must let go of whatever energy still holds us back.

Try this Full Moon Release Ritual (plus FREE guided meditation) to help you RELEASE doubt, blocks, stress, and worry.

The sign of Cancer is a nurturing and emotional energy that asks you to look within and accept how you’re feeling at this very moment.

You have the ability to soothe your suffering with your own unlimited divine love and nurturing.

Take a bath.

Celebrate with a ritual.

Cozy up with a book.

Jot down your goals.

Connect with your body.


Whatever you need to care for yourself. Take time to do it…TODAY!

Looking within requires faithful courage. Trust that the pain you’re harboring can no longer hurt you if you don’t allow it.

Cancer rules the heart chakra so break down the protective walls you’ve built and let love lead the way.

I know the last couple years have been frustrating and maybe you felt like you’ve lost your way. It felt like a transition period for us all. Letting go of relationships, beliefs, careers, and doubts. Not to mention a lot of physical deaths.

Let’s make this year yours! Reclaim your personal power by tuning into what is true for you!

What do you stand for?
What is your life’s philosophy?
What do you love?
What drives you? (Discover more of your passions with my free journal prompts here.)
What are your burning desires? 

This year, for me, is about reaching the next level of spiritual growth. Trusting myself more deeply. Believing that my biggest dreams are possible. Following my soul’s voice more courageously.

What will you do to make this your best year yet?
What action will you take?
What emotion will you empower yourself with?
How will you show
up in each moment? 

I want to support you on an even deeper level.

Together, my hubby Chris and I, have created The Elevated Life Membership club to help hold you accountable and support you along your self-discovery journey. Doors are open and now enrolling!

You were born to thrive, to achieve your highest purpose, to tame your mind, to restore your health, to live with energy and vibrancy, to build meaningful, lasting relationships.

In order to reach that next level for you, you’re going to need new strategies and mentorship. Our training will help you unlock new levels of clarity, focus, creative energy, productivity, intuition, and courage.

The Elevated Life monthly membership club offers lifestyle hacks, mindset upgrades, and spiritual tools to help you radically transform your life.

My hubby Christopher Carmichael and I share the very best information in the world of personal growth, health, philosophy, relationships, and mindfulness delivered in a focused, distraction-free way.

Each month you’ll receive:

⚡ LIVE monthly group coaching 
⚡ 60+ masterclasses on demand
⚡ Meditation + Yoga practices
⚡ Accountability in our private community
⚡ Monthly resource guide/workbook

We’re ready to help you ELEVATE to the next level! 🚀🚀🚀


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