How to Cleanse Your Crystals

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a crystal in every corner (and even my bra!) Not only are crystals visually appealing but they also offer energetic healing and protection. There is literally a crystal for EVERYTHING! 😉

A few of my personal faves include:

  • Amethyst for spiritual connection, enhance psychic ability, and protection against drunkenness 
  • Black Tourmaline most powerful protection stone worn by healers
  • Angelite aids in angel communication
  • Clear quartz is the most versatile and most powerful healing stone
  • Rose quartz to open the heart to love, romance, and harmony
  • Citrine attracts abundance and success

Because these precious stones are alive they accumulate energy and need to be regularly cleansed so they can function at full potential. 

Gemstones radiate pure patterns. #perfection Gemstones resonate with unmatched consistency and sing their incredible songs of structure, balance, wavelength, and frequency and can bring us back into harmony. These babies come straight from Mother Earth’s core.

Like everything that we value in our lives, these crystals need a little TLC too. There are many methods to cleanse your crystals, so it’s best to trust your intuition on what method feels right in the moment. 

Methods for Cleansing Your Crystals:

Sage or Palo Santo

Douse your crystal through the smoke to release trapped negative energies.


Once a month place your crystals where it will be bathed under the full moon light overnight.


Set your stones out in the sunlight at dawn, leaving them until dusk. They can be placed outside of inside a windowsill that received full sunlight.


Fully submerge your stone in water and add a dash of Himalayan salt, ensuring all sides are coated and rinsed while envisioning all energetic residue being wiped clean and pat dry. Crystals that are too fragile for water are desert rose, selenite, tourmaline, pink Himalayan, calcite varieties, and malachite.


Bury your crystals and allow them to sit in the soil up to 24 hours. 


Allow the sound vibration from a singing bowl, chanting, harmonious music or a gong to wash over your stones 


Pass your stone quickly through the flame, asking/praying to the candle to remove impurities. You may do this out loud or internally. Recommend a white candle. 


This is probably the easiest way to cleanse your crystals. Hold your crystal between your hands in prayer position. Imagine the crystal filling with white-golden, healing light and ask all impurities to be removed from the stone. Visualize all the impurities dissolving from the crystal, transforming into healing white light. When the crystal is shining brightly in your mind’s eye, its ready to go. 

After you are done cleansing your crystals you want to program your crystals with a positive intention.  

How to Program Your Crystals:

Setting an intention puts energy into motion. Holding the crystals in your hand, visualize a white light surrounding your crystals and set a positive intention for them. Your intention is 100% personal and could sound something like this:

“Thank you for your healing and protecting energy.”

“I allow unlimited abundance and opportunity in my life.”

“Grant me the courage to follow my inner voice.” 

I wanna hear from you! What are some of your must-have crystals? Leave a comment below.



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