This is your Love Note to remind you to promise not to be an asshole to yourself!

“I promise not to be an asshole to myself.”

What a #gamechanger!

You have a choice. 

You can choose to continue criticising yourself OR you can decide and declare right here, right NOW that YOU ARE ENOUGH. 

I looked back over the theme of my weekly Love Notes to you and realize this month is all about owning your self-worth and finally believing that you are truly enough.

This Girl Power manifesto basically sums up everything I’ve been teaching inside my free empowerment Awaken Your Authentic Self 4-part video series that you’ve probably seen buzzing around.

I’ve been so moved by the transformations I’m seeing happening inside the training where women are finally breaking free of their fear of rejection and failure and letting go of the feeling of not being “good enough”.

Confidence happens the moment you no longer give a shit what others think of you because you KNOW you are ENOUGH! 
I’m here for you and I see your inner sparkle.

If I could have a magic genie answer my one wish (aside from world peace) it would be to awaken women to their inner truth so they can reclaim their divine power. 

I know it’s not always easy looking at the dark sides of your self and that’s why I created Shine School for you. In this safe and supportive experience, I will guide you through each area of your life where you might be losing your power such as your self-care rituals, loving your body, claiming your boundaries, releasing toxic relationships, and healing your heart with forgiveness. 

As you might have guessed the doors to Shine School are officially open (for the last time this year) and you’re invited to join the 6-week experience where I teach you tools and techniques to learn to love yourself fully!

Along with 40+ empowering training videos, I’ve also included guided meditations, powerful resources, journaling prompts, worksheets to hold you accountable, and even recipes to raise your vibration!

If you’re sick of the self-love struggle and you’re ready to make a commitment to putting YOU first then join me here where I’ll share all the juicy details.

I’m curious to know…

How will you show yourself a little more love? 

Remember: Your voice inspires others. Feel free to leave as much detail as possible. Your story matters!

I appreciate the time you share with me on this journey. I love sharing my thoughts and ideas with you and hope you’ll do the same! Leave your thoughts, ideas, questions, and comments below.

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