“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” -Seneca

Put your skills to the test with this New Moon Manifesting Ritual

Creating rituals at the new and full moons will allow you to tune into your inner world and use the energies available to manifest in the external world. While it might sound woo-woo, it’s not really that “out there” if you consider our ancestors planted, hunted, fished and traveled by the seasons and cycles of the moon.

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What is a Lunar cycle?

Each month, over the course of about 28 days, the moon goes from completely invisible to full, then back to invisible again. Think about it – 28 days is also a woman’s period or “moon time”.

These two cycles govern creativity and hold the key to manifesting with moon magic.

After realizing these two cycles went hand in hand, I began tracking my own cycles by the moon to see if there was a correlation between my “cray-cray” and the phase of the moon.

Turns out, each phase offers us a different level of energy. Lunar energy is feminine based and all about receiving. The new and full moon energies last for a few days before and after the main event, so it’s totally ok to perform your moon rituals during the 3-day phase.

Lunar cycles

New Moon // Make some Moon Magic!

New beginnings, new relationships, new adventures, and positive changes. This is a time of turning inward, tapping into your intuition and setting intentions for what you want to manifest in your life over the next 2 week or 6-month cycle. A great time for evaluating your life and deciding what you want to create or how you want to grow. Natural time of menstruation. Sloooow down and get some rest.

The new moon’s energy is wonderful for visualizing, setting intentions, and gathering energy for the coming work at hand. This time isn’t good for action, but more planning, dreaming and scheming.

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Waxing Moon // Pick up the pace.

Growth, learning, creativity, healing, and transformation. As the moon appears to grow, energy builds and the time for action begins. Think of your intention and take strategic steps forward to begin materializing your desires. Action initiates the Law of Attraction. Patience required.

When we have trouble welcoming something new into our lives, an internal shift is needed to create the change we seek. The active waxing moon is a time to notice all the inner obstacles so you can release them at the upcoming full moon.

Full Moon // Ready, Set, Manifest!

The full moon is a time of releasing and receiving. During this time we are letting go of the old so we can grab on to the new intention we manifest at the time of the new moon. Full moons are a time for celebration! Gather with your closest friends and harness the powerful magic of the full moon. Natural time of ovulation. (Ready to release? Check out How to perform a Full Moon Release Ritual.)

Waning Moon // Do the work.

Letting go, cleansing, releasing, opening up. When the visible moon starts to darken, it’s a reminder to slow down, relax more and do less.

Now is the time to do some internal work. Journal, meditate and ask your higher self or spirit guides for help working through whatever needs healing.

Balsamic Moon // Sweep + Sleep

Feeling worn out or fed up? Check your calendar because there might just be a Balsamic Moon in the sky which happens three to four days before a New Moon.

As we wind down and complete a month-long lunar cycle, the Balsamic Moon reminds us to clean house. Let go of draining obligations, toxic emotional ties, and anything else that’s gotten more complicated than it’s worth. Go take a nap and pay attention to vivid dreams during this time. Instinct and intuition are high.


Each New Moon you’re invited to celebrate by saying goodbye to the past lunar phase and welcome in a fresh energy to start anew. It’s a time where we set our intentions for the next moon cycle.

Supplies: pen, paper, candles, matches, a bowl of water and sea salt Optional: crystals, tarot, sage wands, incense or oils

Step 1 – Create a Sacred Space. Find a calm place to sit. Turn on some relaxing music. Place crystals or other special items around you.

Step 2 – Clear it. Clear your energy by lighting a candle, burning sage to clear negative/low energies, and light some incense to tune into your scenes. Close your eyes and imagine yourself standing under a silver waterfall and allow all negative energies to be washed away.

Step 3 – Become Present. Become fully present in your body by bringing awareness to your breath and sending each breath into the body from the top of the head to the tip of the toes. Notice any tensions and allow them to relax with each breath you take.

Step 4 – Connect. Make a connection to the elements of Mother Earth.

Earth: Hold your chosen crystal or any outside elements (leaves, flowers, dirt, etc)

Fire: Light your candle

Air: Burn your dried sage or incense

Water: Fill a small bowl with water and add some sea salt to it to represent the ocean

Step 5 – Set your intention.  Grab your journal and reflect. What have you learned over the last moon cycle? What challenges came up? What worked well? What would you like to manifest over the next moon cycle?

When you have written them all down, pass the paper through the smudge or incense smoke to clear away any unseen blockages or obstacles. Continue to do this until the energy around your desires feels lighter.

Step 6 – Meditate. Spend as much time as you need in meditation visualizing each step you’ll need to take to turn your dreams into reality. Allow images, feelings, and ideas to spring up from your intuition to help show you the way.

Step 7 – Focus on how you want to feel. Feel your intentions in your body and then be open to how this feeling transpires. The feeling is important. You’re not saying how things are going to happen, you’re experiencing it as if it has already happened – which activates Law of Attraction and attracts things to you, without you having to push and control.

Step 8 – Make it so. Release your desires to the universe. State your desires out loud for the universe to hear. Feel your desires in your body. Breathe gratitude deep into your heart knowing this desire will come to fruition and declare “I am ready to receive. And so it is.”

Essential oils for the New Moon:
  • Cypress
  • Myrrh
  • Frankincense
  • Tangerine
  • Ginger
  • Cardamom
  • Jasmine

Dive deeper. For a new moon oracle card reading, pull 5 cards in a row which represent where you’ve been in the past, what needs to be released, what your new intention is, what to be aware of moving forward, and your next step towards manifesting your intention.

Tune in. If your intention is to feel more confident, are you allowing the energy of confidence in your body? What are you doing/stopping to feel that way? What people and circumstances are coming into your life to help you with that? What challenges are you encountering? Where are you holding yourself back? What guidance did you receive from the oracle cards? What is the card from the current lunar stage you are in guiding you on? How is this helping you fully embody your intention?

Reflect. Set a reminder on your phone to tune in every few days to keep you on track or share your intention with a soul sister (Looking for one? Join the #SHINETRIBE Sisterhood!) to hold you accountable to taking action over the next 28 days.



  1. This post was a joy to read. Your enthusiasm for the subject is infectious and makes learning about it fun.

  2. Tania says:

    I must admit that i have put on my listening ears, eyes and action to follow through with your advice. Thank You for this blog. It is and will become a part of my practices.

    Thank You!!!

  3. Zeny says:

    I love this! I love the idea of smudging your paper after. I just did my new moon ritual last night but I’ll make sure to smudge my paper next time!

  4. Tina says:

    Just Beautiful ☆♡☆

  5. Josephine says:

    This is amazing thanks!

  6. Sarah Bright says:

    Hey gorgeous -loving the blog!
    I have been tracking my cycle as well and find
    Many synchronicities between moon energies and cycle energies!
    I have learnt a lot from your blog though , how the waxing and waning phases also offer opportunities to use the energy for personal and spiritual growth!! My focus was always on the full and new moons!

  7. I loved this! I’ve just put a moon phases picture up in my lounge, I’m obsessed with the moon! really glad I came across your blog

  8. Barbara Swan says:

    I so want to be more patient and relaxed. Give off peaceful vibes and not be so dam ready to jump in with two feet and be so aggressive with getting my point of view across. I want to be calm and positive about my life and really really get rid of all the emotional baggage I am STILL carrying around. Boy. Thought I would have difficulty expressing myself but once I started, it just kept on coming. Sorry. Baby steps Barbara..


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