A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

When was the last time you got out of your daily routine and did something different?

We’re baaack in full podcast mode and excited to bring you some new wisdom after our 5,000 miles long road trip up to Montana to see Yellowstone and Glacier. After getting ourselves out of our comfort zone and the hustle of city life, we’re back with even more renewed wisdom for you.

In this episode of The Elevated Life podcast, “What We Learned Getting Out of Our Routine & Traveling 5,000 Miles” so you can change the way you think and challenge yourself in an exciting way. If you want to get out of your environment and bring new change, listen to this episode!

Tune in to hear:

✨ How our road trip began from Texas up to Montana

✨ The biggest lessons we learned while traveling to somewhere new

✨ 3 different ways to bring about new ways of thinking

✨ The importance of the mindset you choose when in difficult situations

What We Learned Getting Out of Our Routine & Traveling 5,000 Miles

Get Out of Your Regular Environment

The environment that you’re in produces the thoughts that you have. If you want new ideas, you need to manipulate your environment or transform it so that you’re in a new place thinking about new things. When you are in the same place every day with your routines and habits, you will never bring about a big change in your life. Your routine becomes your thinking process, and you must get somewhere different to have new ways of thinking.

Listen to Other People’s Ideas

Spend more time listening to audiobooks or podcasts with your partner. If you listen to them intentionally, they can spark new conversations or go back on old conversations that you haven’t had in years. It’s important that your partner be there with you so you can begin to engage in a conversation together.

Be Around New People

One of the ways that you’re going to find new people is to go out to events. When you meet people at events, you already know they’re interested in whatever you are interested in. Getting away from your life and implanting yourself inside a community to talk, share ideas, be inspired, and inspire them, will allow you to build huge friendships.

Highlights from this episode:

(01:15) What you can learn when you step away from your everyday life. 

(04:45) One of Brit & Chris’s favorite places they stayed

(07:59) How the road trip began.

(11:50) There are different ways to get into new ways of thinking.

(13:41) Scheduled routines need to be broken up with a lot of free time.

(14:16) The third way to bring about new ways of thinking.

(18:35) The people you meet while traveling are meant to be there at that moment.

(19:28) A big lesson that Chris learned while traveling.

(21:13) Brit & Chris’s experience doing the Glacier Hike.

(34:43) What Brit & Chris learned about how to handle plans that change when traveling.

(37:10) What happens when you challenge your physical body to do things you didn’t think were possible

(39:30) The importance of the mindset you choose when in difficult situations.

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It’s probably safe to say everyone has something about themselves they’d like to change, stop doing, or at least improve.

As humans, we’re all working toward something.

If I were to ask you the difference between where (and who) you are right now and where you want to be, what would you tell me?

The truth is: the real difference, the gap between here and there, is your habits.

Habits are the unconscious, repetitive actions we take on the daily road of life, and they make up an estimated 98% of our actions.

Yes. 98%!

They’re what cause us to either get up in the morning bright-eyed with a burning desire in our hearts to go out and serve or smash the snooze button another ten times in hopes someone will cancel the day.

They’re what cause us to spring into bold action when a new opportunity comes our way or make another excuse while we wait on the sideline wondering how everyone else got so lucky. 

They’re also responsible for how we feel about ourselves, what we attract in our lives, and the ceiling we put on every potential we have. 

Good habits turn into healthy, enjoyable lives. Bad habits turn into dread, anger, regret, frustration, and guilt.

The best news is…changing habits can be difficult, but it’s far from impossible. In fact, there’s a lot of new information about this now. Every day, someone is figuring out how to overcome a limitation, quit smoking, lose weight, deal with their anger, grow their business, and show up more authentically. All of these are habits. And they are right within our grasp. 

We just have to do a few things differently.

This month, we’re excited to help you lay the groundwork for lasting transformation in the Habits Masterclass!

You’ll discover:

💜 Why willpower alone works against you

💜 How to get rid of the “all or nothing” mentally killing your progress

💜 The secret to kick-starting massive personal change

💜 7 tricks to make new habits stick

💜 How to neutralize self-sabotage by integrating conflicting parts

💜 Plus 3 powerful, guided meditations to integrate all the training


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