“You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.” ― Amy Bloom

Something you may not know about The Carmichael’s is that together we’ve lost 175lbs after holistically changing our lifestyle to plant-based about 6 years ago.

If you’re struggling with loving and accepting your body you can do a few things…

Change it. Move it. Accept it. Love it.

Thank your beautiful body for all it does instead of shaming it for what it’s not.

Learning to love your body is a lifelong process.

You can drink your green juice all damn day long but if you’re still mentally harassing your soul’s environment you will NEVER find inner peace.

No matter what weight or size you are IT DOESN’T determine your self-worth! 

Watch my oldie but goodie video on why your dress size DOESN’T matter here.

I’m feeling the Christina Aguilera song come to mind “You are beautiful no matter what they say…words can’t bring me down.”

It was my own inner voice and worst critic that was bringing me down. 

Choose to be your own cheerleader today and do something to honor your body.

Some squats, some healthy snacks, or even just some sensual loving.

Love her TODAY! xo

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