At one point in my confidence, I was terrified to wear bold color lipstick. I thought “Is this too bright? Does this even look good on me? This is only for the models…”

Deep inside I could feel that I WANTED to wear it. So I decided who cares what they think. I deserve to wear colors that make me happy! So I put on the hot pink lipstick. I stared in the mirror and felt a little uncomfy inside. “Was it the color? Was it me? Is it CHANGE that I’m feeling icky about?”

Let it go. Let go of the thoughts. You’re enough! You’re BEAUTIFUL. You DESERVE to express your Divine Beauty through any art form you wish.

I chose bold and bright. Because my soul sings BOLDLY & BRIGHT! I choose self-worth, confidence, and to LOVE MYSELF completely. Drop the mask. Let your Soul come out to play. Dance. Sing. Enjoy the Beauty!




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