Self Love

How to Tap Into Your Psychic Abilities

Have you ever wondered how to develop your psychic ability?

For a lot of people, what comes to mind when they hear the word “psychic” is crystal balls and weird theatrics. We’ve learned that it’s really all about accessing the tools that are innate within you, like your imagination and your compassion for others.

In this episode of The Elevated Life®, we’re sharing How to Tap Into Your Psychic Abilities and Brit’s own journey with becoming a psychic medium. If you’re interested in developing your intuition, you’re going to love this episode!

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Why Empaths Attract Narcissists and How to Break the Toxic Cycle

Are you a highly sensitive person who constantly attracts people you’re trying to fix.?

We’ve found that empaths often attract narcissists, which can turn into a soul-sucking cycle that will dim your light and keep you from living the life you deserve.

In this episode of The Elevated Life®, we’re sharing Why Empaths Attract Narcissists and How to Break the Toxic Cycle. If you’re someone who sucks at setting boundaries, this episode is for you!

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The Transformative Power of Yoga

Are you searching for a workout that not only gets you fit but also feeds your soul?

When Chris and I met, one of the first things I told him is that I wanted to lose weight. Together we’ve tried every workout imaginable, but the one exercise that we’ve stuck with consistently has been yoga. Now, we’re beginning our training to get our first yoga certification and have been reflecting on our journey.

In this episode of The Elevated Life®, we’re sharing our experience with The Transformative Power of Yoga. Whether you’re a devoted yogi or just getting started on your own yoga journey, you’ll love this episode!

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The Mindset Secrets Behind Our Business Success

Have you ever wondered what it takes to own your own business?

Over the years, Chris and I have started multiple six-figure businesses including a hair salon, a real estate business, and online coaching. Along the way, we’ve learned what it takes to break past fear and self-doubt in order to pursue our passions (and make bank doing it!)

In this episode of The Elevated Life®, we’re sharing the mindset secrets, tools, and strategies we used to build our successful businesses.

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How to Develop Mental Toughness

Ready to stop being crippled by other people’s criticism?

When you spend too much time worrying about what others are thinking and doing, you risk losing yourself. If you’re constantly looking to others for approval, you’re cutting off your own creativity!

The truth is: we’re always going to be judged and criticized, but you can’t let fear stop you from living your authentic life. What’s most important is that you’re being judged as your true self, rather than the masks you put on to please others.

Today on The Elevated Life, we’ll be sharing 4 tips to help you to become more empowered so that others’ opinions do not derail you.

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Using Hypnosis as a Shortcut for Healing

Have you ever wanted to make a change but didn’t know how to begin?

Sometimes it helps to have a tool or a shortcut to help guide you on your journey of transformation. Healing is deep work, but there are things you can do to accelerate the process.

In this episode of The Elevated Life®, we’re sharing our experience with one of our favorite paths to transformation: hypnosis. If you’re interested in altered states or making massive moves quickly in your life, you’re going to love this episode!

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5 Practical Ways to Beat Anxiety

Anxiety takes your power away.

When anxiety comes up, it puts you into a thought loop that causes you to hear negative things about yourself consistently. This can stop you in your tracks and make you feel out of control of your life.

In this live episode of The Elevated Life, you’ll learn the 5 Practical Ways to Beat Anxiety. We all know stress and anxiety are common, but what you might not know is that it is a CHOICE you’re subscribing to. In this video, you’ll learn practical ways to stop anxiety before it begins.

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Our Plant-Based Weight Loss Journey

Ever struggle with weight loss?

We have too. When Chris and I first met over 14 years ago, one of the first conversations we had was about how we both felt overweight and needed help to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Together we embarked on a journey to a healthy, plant-based lifestyle, and have lost a combined 175 pounds.

On this episode of The Elevated Life®, we’re sharing the hidden ways we’ve discovered to get control of our weight and health that go way beyond counting calories and macros.

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Our Experience with Psychedelic Mushrooms

Have you ever unmasked a hidden truth about yourself or the world?

When you realize that your perception of the world has been influenced by outside authority figures or societal constructs, it will change you forever. For Chris and I, psychedelic mushrooms were a tool that we used early on in our spiritual journey that opened our eyes to the lies we had been told (and the lies that we had been telling ourselves.)

In this episode of The Elevated Life®, we’re sharing how our experience with mushrooms inspired us to make radical changes in our life, so that we could shine our light and live more authentically.

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4 Ways to Step into Your Power

Are you ready to reclaim your life?

We are being called to step into our truth and authenticity. In order to have the confidence to step outside our comfort zone and become who we are truly meant to be, we have to claim our power.

If there’s something you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t done or if there have been negative thoughts creeping in to your head, it’s time to let that all go and say to yourself “I’ve got this.”

In this episode of The Elevated Life, we’re going to share 4 ways that you can step into your power.

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