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Make every day Earth Day.

Every single breath you take is a significant expression that you are here to make a difference. 

My mom almost didn’t wake up one day. 

She went into surgery for a hysterectomy and ended up with a stroke. 

This moment in time didn’t just change her life, but mine too.

(I interviewed mom about life after her stroke here.)

I realized that every moment we have here in the present is a gift.

We NEVER know how long we have until it’s too late.

So LIVE today. 

Because you’re here…living…breathing…reading this message.


Every time you feel joy, give love, smile, laugh, play, sing, dance, create, inspire, have compassion for someone else, or any other act of kindness – YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE

You see, so many people think that their career titles are what contribute to making this a better place, but that just ain’t true. 

What is true for me, is that when my soul is experiencing levels of love, peace, and joy that I’m contributing to the whole of our existence by LITERALLY raising the vibes of our Mother Earth. 

This Sunday is Earth Day so I encourage you to notice what kind of energy you’re contributing.

Are you sharing words of kindness, thoughts of love, and actions of intention?

You have a chance every day you’re blessed to wake up and take another deep breath to contribute more love.

Start with yourself. 

Give yourself some love.

(If you struggle with that, try my free 15-minute Self-Love guided meditation.)

And then take the overflowing abundance you’ve allowed in for yourself and share THAT!

Stop giving from an empty cup. 

Take responsibility and FILL YOUR OWN CUP NOW! 

Once you’ve done that, you’ve made every day earth day because you are connected to the whole of this existence.

Spread love. 

Today and EVERY DAY! xo

Comment below sharing how you’ll be contributing more love and happiness this weekend.

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