“As lightworkers, we’re here to create something that hasn’t been created.” -Brittney Carmichael

Currently navigating how to overcome the fear of being a lightworker? Rebecca Campbell shares why it’s time for you to step into your soul purpose!

In the beginning of my spiritual awakening journey as a lightworker, tarot was the practice that my soul clung onto. 

One of my favorite decks is Rebecca Campbell’s Work Your Light Oracle Deck, which I fell in love with because of how easy it is to read from and channel through. It contains so much wisdom!

In this Shine Spotlight, I had the pleasure of speaking with Rebecca about the journey of a lightworker – from the initiative hunch that calls us (and all of the fears that go along with it) to finding a deep connection with our soul’s purpose. 

Rebecca Campbell is a writer and devotional artist who leads activating workshops internationally, giving people an experience of their soul. She is the bestselling author of numerous books and oracle decks, including Light Is the New Black and the Work Your Light Oracle, and the creator of the online courses Work Your Light and Discover Your Cosmic Blueprint. Through all of Rebecca’s creations, she encourages people all over the world to spend more time with their soul.

Listen to our conversation to learn how to overcome your fears of sharing your soul’s voice and step out of the spiritual closet and into your lightworking purpose.



The Initiation:

The first step of any lightworker’s journey is that intuitive hunch, that calling from inside. As Rebecca shares, this intuitive hit can be confronting at first because it’s calling you to do something that society has conditioned you against – it’s calling you to change. 

Rebecca reminds us: We are cyclic beings, not meant to stay in one moment forever. 

That’s why it’s so important to trust your intuition, even when it doesn’t make sense.

Overcoming the Fear of the Unknown:

When you get an intuitive nudge, you’re rarely presented with steps 1-100. Taking that first step can be terrifying! Rebecca shares two important things to remember when you’re ready to give in to fear of the unknown.

Reminder #1: What You’re Feeling is Normal

In our conversation, Rebecca shares a quote from Steven Pressfield, an author who has written many books on the creative process, including The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles

“The more important a call to action is to our soul’s evolution, the more Resistance we will feel about answering it. But to yield to Resistance deforms our spirit. It stunts us and makes us less than we are and were born to be.” -Steven Pressfield

When you’re feeling that resistance and fear, Rebecca reminds us to acknowledge that those feelings are totally normal.

Keep in mind that the creative process and your intuition come from the same place. Trusting your intuition is the same experience that artists and writers go through when creating something new and it can feel like leaping into the void. 

Creativity is putting two things together that haven’t been put together before. This requires faith.

Reminder #2: The Wisdom Has Always Been There

My grandmother is from Iceland, and each time I visit this sacred and mystical island, I break open to intuitive guidance from nature. 

During one visit I received messages that said “Your words are magic sticks. Your words are magic sticks. Be careful of your words. They’re creating. Abracadabra.”

I was struck by the message that when letters come together to form a word it is called spelling.

Our voice and our words have the power to create, but as Rebecca reminds us: the wisdom has always been there. 

When we are feeling afraid to share the intuitive voice we’re hearing inside, we must recognize that the whispers come from ancient wisdom.

It’s up to us to study and honor the lineages that have come before and allow them to whisper through us.

Awakening the Inner Connection to the Divine

When you’re feeling an inner connection to the Divine, there are things you can do to awaken and deepen the connection. 

Chanting and sound have been a large part of Rebecca’s journey, which has been especially healing for her fear of speaking up and being seen. 

Rebecca studies chanting through the Kirtan tradition. Kirtan Ragas are chanted in Sanskrit and have been passed down through millions of people through the ages. When she chants these Ragas, she taps into the collective energy of all of the people who have ever chanted that chant.

Finding Your Purpose as a Lightworker

I believe that our purpose is to experience joy and that if we’re in a state of joyfulness and love, we’re serving our purpose. True joy can’t be taken from us, even in life’s rock-bottom moments.

As Rebecca says, Earth is a school for the soul. The extremes of life are part of the purpose and it’s important to not use spirituality to avoid these extremes. When relationships break down, when we lose a job, when we lose a loved one – we grow through that process.

Rebecca’s advice? Be gentle with yourself. Focus on your own joy and don’t judge yourself for being a cyclic being.

Advice for Those Who Are Just Starting on the Path

My first introduction to the woo woo world came from a woman named Angela. She came into my hair salon with a pendulum and talked to me about Buddhism and chakras. Whoa! My inner witchy woman was totally awakened!

Awakenings sound really exciting, but in Rebecca’s experience, they’re not pretty! When you’re on the path of a spiritual awakening you can come across some challenges:

The way that you perceive the world is completely changing.

You might experience grief because the relationships you’re in don’t resonate as much.

You might feel misunderstood because you’re discovering a whole new world and some people in your life won’t understand it.

As you’re navigating these challenges, Rebecca encourages you to take the pressure off.

Take the pressure off of other people in your life to change. You’re the one who’s changing. Focus back in on the love you have for them, without putting expectations on them. 

Take the pressure off yourself. 

Remember: It’s not about you. You’re being called to contribute as one of many.

As you continue on your journey as a lightworker, you could be coaching, you could be painting, or you could be writing. No one else may ever see what you create! Creating in itself makes a shift. Little by little we harmonize the planet when we share our light and wisdom.

This reminds me of the amazing wisdom my husband gave me before my first big interview on TV. The energy was taking over my body, I was sweating, and I begged Chris for some advice.

“Just be yourself” he told me. 

“But that’s too easy!” I exclaimed.

We’re making it too hard on ourselves. 

Relax in knowing we are who we are, and that is enough.

Final Thoughts from Rebecca Campbell

To finish up our conversation, I had a few questions for Rebecca:

What are you curious about? The voice and sound.

What book are you currently reading? The Music of Life by Hazrat Inayat Khan

If you were going to have a billboard on the side of the highway, what message would it say? “Remember who you are.”

What is your next big step? 2 more oracle decks and another book.

Questions? Leave ’em below.

“From spiritual goose bumps to a much-needed release through tears, I had multiple ah-ha moments on our 1:1 call. Brittney has an incredible way of communicating the message from spirit and tapping into exactly what needs to be said in the moment to create momentum. Momentum in both my personal life, my career and my future casting. Her high-vibe tips are brilliant (no more cell phone next to the bed!) and I would highly recommend anyone and everyone investing in themselves for a breakthrough call with Brittney! You’ll leave with a new sense of clarity and mega confidence!”


Love & Light, Seana | The Bohemian Blonde


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