No matter what your fear is, your freedom is on the other side.

In this episode of the Shine Spotlight, you’ll learn how to escape the 9-5 and start pursuing your passion project as a serious career with Seana Ann, founder of Boho Business School.

Seana Ann is sharing how she created killer success in her 9-5 cubical career but her soul was still unfulfilled and what that lead her to do about it. She kissed the corporate ladder goodbye and followed her soul’s calling to create her own business online empowering others to follow their entrepreneurial calling.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Seana in my 90-Day Coaching Intensive and it has been so magical to watch her transform her self-doubt of relaunching her signature online program, Boho Business School. This empowering interview will give you the confidence and courage to begin to turn your ideas and passion projects into a profitable business.


“Your soul will never abandon you.” – Seana Barbes

Seana’s Journey Begins:

Seana loved her job for a long time, but when she started experiencing anxiety that turned to panic attacks, a Google search led her to Gabby Bernstein. She started practicing meditation and found that it helped ease her anxiety in the boardroom.

The more she practiced yoga and meditation, the more her eyes opened to a world outside the corporate structure.

The Transition from Corporate Job to Soul Calling

A friend of Seana’s from college started posting about her network marketing business, and Seana started to see that it was possible to work for yourself and serve others.

Soon Seana started doing network marketing as well. She loved getting a taste of entrepreneurship that combined everything she loved about her 9-5 job and slowly but surely, she was led out the door of corporate America. 

Seana’s Advice For Those Just Starting On Their Entrepreneurial Journey

Seana reminds us that “Your soul will never abandon you.”

There will be hard days, but as Seana says, she never felt the depths of her soul in her 9-5 job the way that she has as an entrepreneur.

Listen to the rest of our conversation as we chat about: 

✨ The unique joy of your first sale as an entrepreneur

✨ How Seana’s Boho Business School was born

✨ How to build a business when you don’t know anything about business

✨ Why self-love and self-care are essential practices for entrepreneurs



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