It’s time to take a more holistic approach to fitness.

In this Shine Spotlight, I’m featuring the gorgeous Lori Harder to teach us how to deal with something ALLLLLL women deal with: body image.

Lori is a leader in facilitating transformation through mindfulness, fitness, and self-love. She helps people lock in their transformation by teaching how to create lasting relationships that support their goals long-term. 

As a successful entrepreneur running two 7-figure business, network marketer, number-1 selling author, Ted-X speaker, and 10-time cover model, she offers a carefully curated set of tools to promote sustainable health, spiritual growth, and emotional thriving.

We need more women to step up and take leadership roles, and Lori Harder embodies that. If girl power had a poster, it would totally be her! 


If the way you’re thinking about what you’re doing is not serving you, you always have the opportunity to look at it in a different way.” – Lori Harder

How Our Past Influences Our Behavior in the Moment:

When Lori was a little girl, someone at a pool party and called her fat, which is something I 100% related to. Growing up, I always believed I was fat and I carried that belief throughout my life until I ended up at 200 pounds.

Lori shares that it’s important to go back and look at the moments that molded us and recognize that the things that motivated then might not work for us now.

When she looks back at the moment when she was sitting on a diving board she remembers thinking “I can I love the body that I’m in if I’m so ashamed of it?” It was so painful because she didn’t feel comfortable or safe, which is terrifying for a child. As she dove under water, she recalls thinking “I don’t want to come back up”, but then instantly made a switch in her mind to “I will never feel this much pain ever again.”

This “I’ll show you” mindset carried her for a long time, but now she recognizes that it was not the healthiest motivator. She encourages us to allow pain to be our first motivator, but also know when it’s no longer serving us.

Finding Gratitude in Our Daily Practices

A couple of years ago, I asked myself what I would include in my perfect day. I made a list that included yoga, green juice, time with my husband, and reading books. It was so simple (and free)! I realized, “I’m already doing all of this.” The real shift had to take place in my mindset, so I chose to focus on gratitude for the way I was already living.

Lori reflects that rather than looking at our daily practices as a means of achieving an outcome, we should be grateful for their simple presence in our lives and the way that they keep us healthy and whole. 

So rather than focusing on needing to go for a run in order to lose weight, we should instead focus on how running keeps us connected to our body or allows us to spend time in nature. Do you see what a simple,but powerful shift that is?

A Holistic Approach to Fitness

Lori tells us, “If you have a body, you have to move it.” She believes that being connected with our body will help us with mental clarity and spirtitual growth. 

Throughout her experience in the fitness industry, Lori has encountered two damaging myths that keep people from experiencing a holistic perspective of fitness.

Myth #1: All or Nothing

Lori sees so many people start their fitness journey with huge goals and an ambitious daily schedule. She reminds us that we only have so much willpower, and we can’t use it all up right at the beginning or we’ll burn out!

Myth #2: “I’m Just Not Someone Who Likes Working Out”

Rather than focusing on what feels painful or heavy, become your own cheerleader! Pat yourself on your back for the work that you’re putting in and then encourage yourself to do a little bit more.



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