2 decades ago I made a choice that would forever change the course of my life and turn me into a six figure hairstylist…

I chose to be an entrepreneur. 

I chose to be a leader. 

A visionary. 

A creative. 

Little did I know that the same choice that liberated me and created freedom and abundance also created loads of stress and uncertainty. 

I knew I had talents and skills and I knew I had the drive, but I didn’t have a plan

One thing I’ve learned after 15 years of being a six-figure hairstylist (turned self-love coach and psychic medium!) is that success takes structure.

You know… an actual plan. 

The only business plan I had when I started OMGhairstyles was that I wanted to make 6 figures and TRUST ME when I say I had NEVER heard of that kind of money before because I grew up in a trailer park. 

As a 20-year-old, I definitely didn’t have a plan or even an accountant.

I randomly set the usual $100k as my target income and broke down the math (unusual for us creative types! LOL) to realize I would hit six-figures at $385 5 days a week. 

That number gave me a tangible goal. 

Something to work towards. 

I honestly believe had I just shown up with NO plan or strategy (even though my plan wasn’t very detailed) I wouldn’t be as successful as I am today. 

I see the mistakes that new coaches make and also my fellow hairstylists make all the time. It starts with a dream, a vision, a desire. They often have a goal in their heads but not quite sure on all the steps between.

Before they know it, they’re ploughing hours into social media posts that get zero traction and keep trying everything until something sticks… If it ever does. 

I made those mistakes right at the beginning too but I quickly discovered that I needed more than just my vision, I needed a strategy. I needed a plan that actually worked and I knew that I needed to learn this from someone who has walked the walk and talked the talk! 

Then in 2014, a successful business woman named Marie Forleo walked into my life with a REAL PLAN!

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I knew as soon as I stumbled across her that this was it! She was the mentor I needed to learn from, she had the answers and when I heard I could study from her through her B-School, it was a total no-brainer decision.

Oprah calls Marie a “thought leader for the next generation of entrepreneurs”.

Marie’s infamous idea of “Everything Is Figureoutable” helped me to break past my own limiting beliefs and see how I could take the self-love transformations I was creating inside the salon and bring out into the world through my online blog. 

We all have a message. A story. A talent that needs to be shared. A voice that needs to be heard. A gift that needs to be shared. And you are no different.

Before I stumbled across Marie’s powerful training B-School I was thinking about my business all wrong. Yeah I had the vision and the determination but without a real plan or strategy, I was just treading water and trying my best to find out what would work. 

I watched countless YouTube videos, attended the free webinars and tried to put together all the ‘free’ information out there. I hashed up a plan but it had holes in it and let’s face it – pretty weak. 

It was holey and I had no one to go to for my burning questions either. As I began to implement my patchy plan, I began to realize that it wasn’t going to work as fast as I wanted it to. Hello impatience. I wanted the answers NOW and I wanted them from someone who had actually done it!

I took a leap of faith and invested in B-School and quite frankly MYSELF! Little did I know that it was going to be the start of my dream business(es) and I would still be using the techniques all these years later too!

For 6 weeks, I dedicated my entire focus to B-School and soaking up all the information from Marie. Lessons included profit-making, creating a converting website, content strategy, increasing traffic, creating extraordinary services, marketing and profit. Marie showed me exactly what I needed to know, and by the end of the program, my business had a strategic glow-up. 

I went from clueless to clarity.

After applying Marie’s simple yet extremely effective methods, I began to think as if I were my client and that completely changed how my customer service went from pretty good to hella AMAZING (aka I started receiving $500 tips in the salon and I no longer have to pay for ANY marketing!).

It also gave me the skills and inspiration in 2016 to create and launch my first online course, Shine School, to empower women to break free of fear and confidently embrace their authentic self after applying everything I learned from Marie. I had cracked the code and now was in a position to share what I had experienced. 

I can honestly say, without Marie’s guidance I wouldn’t have the success, financial freedom, AAAAND most importantly the courage to share my gifts with the world.

Whether you need a mentor or you’re a DIY kinda gal – YOU CAN DO THIS!

It’s possible for anyone willing to put in the work, fail a few times, and NEVER GIVE UP!

I can’t tell you enough how valuable B-School is and if you are looking to start hitting your goals, now is the time to do that. If you’ve been sitting on the fence about B-School, take this as a sign that it’s time to get outta your own way and step up to your business!

B-School is about to run again this month. This is your only chance until 2022 so babe, if you want to start and grow your new dream business, don’t miss out, take action now!

You and your dreams deserve a shot to make a difference in this world. I believe in you babe!


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