A little over a decade ago I made a choice that would forever change the course of my life…

I chose to be an entrepreneur. 

I chose to be a leader. 

A visionary. 

A creative. 

Little did I know that the same choice that liberated me and created freedom and abundance also created loads of stress and uncertainty. 

I knew I had talents and skills and I knew I had the drive, but I didn’t have a plan. 

One thing I’ve learned after 12 years of being a six-figure hairstylist (turned life coach turned psychic medium!) is that success takes structure.

You know… an actual plan. 😉

The only business plan I had when I started OMGhairstyles was that I wanted to make 6 figures and TRUST ME when I say I had NEVER heard of that kind of money before because I grew up in a trailer park. 

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As a 20-year-old, I definitely didn’t have a plan or even an accountant!! 

I randomly picked $100k as my target income and broke down the math (unusual for us creative types! LOL) to realize I would hit six-figures at $333 5 days a week. 

That number gave me a tangible goal. 

Something to work towards. 

I honestly believe had I just shown up with NO plan (even though my plan wasn’t very detailed) I wouldn’t be as successful as I am today. 

Then in 2014, a wonderful woman named Marie Forleo walked into my life with a REAL PLAN! 

Oprah calls Marie a “thought leader for the next generation of entrepreneurs”.

Marie’s infamous idea of “Everything is figuroutable” helped me to break past my limited perception and see how I could take the self-love transformations I was creating inside the salon and bring out into the world through my online blog. 

We all have a message. A story. A talent that needs to be shared. A voice that needs to be heard. A gift that needs to be shared. And you are no different.

Before I stumbled across Marie’s powerful training BSchool I was thinking about my business all wrong. 

After applying her simple yet extremely effective methods, I began to think as if I were my client and that completely changed how my customer service went from pretty good to hella AMAZING (aka I started receiving $500 tips in the salon and I no longer have to pay for ANY marketing!)

Then in 2016, I created and launched my first online course, Shine School®, to empower women to break free of fear and confidently embrace their authentic self after applying everything I learned from Marie.

I can honestly say, without Marie’s guidance I wouldn’t have the success, financial freedom, AAAAND most importantly the courage to share my gifts with the world.

Whether you need a mentor or you’re a DIY kinda gal – YOU CAN DO THIS! It’s possible for anyone willing to put in the work, fail a few times, and NEVER GIVE UP!

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