“It doesn’t matter how much money you acquire, how much is in the bank—because you’re not devoid of burnout.”

How the Rest of Your Life is Killing Your Business: Lessons from a 7-Figure Founder

Midyear check-in: how has your time freedom been this year?

If you haven’t noticed, freedom of time is the big talking point for top entrepreneurs this year. I personally love it—it’s a beautiful refocusing of what’s truly important in our lives and businesses.

But you might not realize that the rest of your life is killing your business (and yourself 😬).

The good news is that fixing this problem is free.

I’m taking some time out of planning Summer SOULstice (literally howwww is it already here??) to share with you you one of my most foundational business habits as an intuitive 7-figure founder: my energy management system.

I’m sharing the way I use a regular energy audit to ensure I’m showing up for my businesses and my clients as the most conscious CEO possible.

Watch now to learn…
✦ how the rest of your life is killing your business, and how to fix it
✦ my step-by-step energy audit for being a conscious CEO
✦ the risk you run by not fixing this asap

And if you’re not already subscribed to my YouTube channel, now is the time to fix that ↴

Because the wisdom I’m going to be sharing for free is probs gonna get me yelled at by my team…

Watch my latest video to hear the truth about  how the rest of your life is killing your business—and how to fix it, my step-by-step energy audit for being a conscious CEO, and the risk you run by not fixing this asap.

Feeling stuck finding your purpose, babe?

I get it. Who knew that so many options would be a bad thing?

But choice paralysis is way more common than you might realize. That’s why having a guide is so helpful, especially when you’re just getting started.

If you’re stuck in a job, routine, or life that you aren’t madly in love with, what are you doing about it?

I struggled for over a decade with all of it
✔️ Self-love, self-confidence, and self-image.
✔️ Lacking boundaries and not speaking up for myself.
✔️ Letting my fears and insecurities run the show.
✔️ Uncertainty in my passions, my path, and my place in life

My struggles showed me that we have the power to create miracles in our lives by transforming past hurt or failure into a stepping stone to unlocking our greatness.

And now I’m fully living my soul purpose, running multiple businesses, and embracing my life instead of trying to escape it.

And I want the same for you, love…

Discover Your Passion: 30 Guided Journaling Exercises

You don’t have to wonder where or how to get started. I’ll guide you through 30 soul-searching journal prompts that will help you uncover your true passions so you can step into your purpose.


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