“Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world. Don’t let anything stand in the way of the light that shines through this form. Risk being seen in all of your glory.” ― Jim Carrey

What does it mean to SHINE from the inside?

When you shine from the inside there is an unmistakable radiant positivity that exudes effortless confidence and grace.

You live life on your terms.

You connect to the core of compassion.

And above all, you embody your authentic truth.

Gandhi says,


Like Miss America, I was wishing for world peace, but my own life…well, that’s another story.

In 2012 – shit hit the fan.

My life-long struggle with self-love had me 75lbs overweight, my career as a successful hairstylist had me overworking and my work/life balance out of whack, and to top it off my mom had a massive stroke that she has now thankfully overcome.

Working behind the chair taught me that beauty isn’t something to be found on the outside.

Beauty, to me, is the ability to be your authentic self and SHINE from the inside.

I can only look back with gratitude for those blessings in disguise.

The mindsets created from those major shifts in my life have reminded me that each day is a gift to be grateful for and we are not promised tomorrow. That our life is our responsibility and we must take inspired action to make the changes we already know we must make.

My struggles showed me that we have the power to create miracles in our life by transforming past hurt or failure into a stepping stone to unlocking our greatness.


Today, I connect with how I want to feel in each present moment, tune into my authentic truth, and create space through meditation to receive inner guidance to allow me to tap into my unique power and share my gift with the world….by just being…me.

If you are a passion-driven woman who feels the call to RISE + SHINE.

A woman who is here to take control + be a leader.

Then let this be your time to celebrate freedom + support self-love + sisterhood by being the change.

5 Ways to Love Yourself


Your upright posture contributes to the feeling of instant confidence. As you align your spine, you begin to feel lighter and free of burdens. Changing your posture can change your attitude so if you need a quick pick up me, stand up, stand tall, roll your shoulders back, chest up, and SMILE! 🙂


When you create space to give your body, mind, and spirit time for relaxation, you are showing your soul that you do feel worthy of receiving love. Schedule guilt-free time on your calendar EACH DAY to do something for you. Even if it’s as simple as taking a shower. As you pour love and energy into yourself, others will begin to show up and support you in the same way.


Being a lightworker these days is no easy feat so it’s important to take time to reconnect with our true nature. In quiet times of reflection and meditation, you connect to the unlimited abundance of love and energy available to you. This quiet time allows you to fill your own up. There’s something magical that happens when you surround yourself with the peaceful sounds of nature. Flowing water, leaves rustling the trees, and the beautiful melodies of the birds remind you that we find our greatest joy in the simplicities of life.


The culprit of most negative emotions aren’t coming from other people, but rather the inner “mean girl” critic we have in our heads. As you create awareness of what dialogues are happening moment to moment, you begin to reclaim your personal power. Awareness if the first step in creating change. Take a moment to tune in. What does your inner dialogue sound like? Is it uplifting and supportive or is it negative and belittling? You have the power of choice to THINK a happier thought. Notice when the negative arises and ask yourself “How can I see things in a more positive light?” or “What good can come from this?” Reframe your unsupportive thoughts into ones that empower and support you.


When we find ourselves in stressful situations, we tense up, hold on to stress, and forget that our emotions ride on the wave of our breath. As you feel emotions arising, take a moment to consciously breathe into what feelings are coming up for you. Our emotions aren’t the enemy, rather the messenger and you know what they say about “shooting the messenger”. Honor what comes up for you and use your breath to calmly release the energy. Breath it out. If you find yourself in a “reaction” mode vs “responding” take 10 deep breaths before speaking or acting. In those 10 healing breaths, you calm your emotions and your ego so that your soul has space to speak up. 

Learning to uncover who you really are and stepping into the role of Lightworking presents constant challenges to stay in alignment with what is true for you.

No matter how hard the fight, you can look within and be reminded of the light and love you possess. It’s only a choice away.


What is the 6-week Shine School experience?

A place where you can learn to love yourself and discover who you really are. Shine School was created for the women (like YOU!) who are ready to be empowered to ditch self-doubt so you can take control of your life and finally commit to the changes you’ve been craving.

Why do you need to join this course?

If fear and your inner mean girl have been running the show, now’s the time to begin to go within and learn to love your AUTHENTIC SELF.

If you’re ready for transformation, Shine School is for you!

For over a decade, I’ve coached thousands of women to cultivate unshakable confidence and courage to go after their dreams and now it’s your time to SHINE! I’ve taken years of personal experience through my spiritual awakening process paired with teachings from our greatest thought-leaders and created this course to help you along your journey of self-discovery.


Inside Shine School, I’ll teach you how to…

  • Create space for your Self-Care Rituals so you can make YOU a priority and finally connect with your soul
  • Stop eating for comfort and make peace with your body
  • Tap into your intuition and awaken your inner goddess to unlock creativity
  • Reframe your past struggles and release fear of criticism to empower you to move forward confidently
  • Break free from fear and have the courage to pursue your dreams
  • Manifest using two powerful techniques so you can turn your dreams into reality
  • Stay committed to going after your soul’s desires


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