The power of social media has exploded in the last decade. Meeting people online was totally taboo ten years ago and today it’s a social norm. 

Today, connecting with others online has saved my social life as an entrepreneur. If you’ve ever worked for yourself, you know what I’m talking about. It’s easy to get carried away creating content in our virtual corner and forget to come out and play. Thankfully, social media allows us to connect with others from all the way across the world or even introduce you to people right in your hometown.

Have you ever met someone for the first time and thought you were connected to them on a soul level? As soon as we exchanged our first greeting, I knew Chakayla was a soul-sister!

I “met” Chakayla Taylor while scoping out local bloggers via hashtags on IG. They say your vibe attracts your tribe and I’m a believer because I know meeting Chakayla was divinely inspired. She had just moved across the country to live in my hometown! What are the odds? Two soulfully inspired bloggers who have a passion for empowering women.

It was obvious we had to meet. We started right off the bat in a deep convo about the impact of her parents’ death at a young age and how the struggle made her stronger. Being my intuitive self, I couldn’t help but connect with her mom and feel empathy for what her life must have been like. This allowed for an immediate soul sister connection that has led to many enlightening and inspiring conversations shared between us.

We knew it was essential to share some of the hot topics and tips that came up during our chats, thus the Dishing Tea Interview was created.

In this Dishing Tea interview, Chakayla gets me to open up about my spirituality in biz, my brand philosophy and mission, 5 key tips for women pursuing their dreams, 3 essential resources every blogger MUST know and so much more! 

Chakayla: When did you become more in tune with inner spirituality? What was that defining moment you knew you wanted to become at peace with yourself?

Brit: Just like you, I’ve had many turning points in my life where I’ve instantly become aware of one of life’s not-so-secret mysteries. One of those flashes of insight happened to me during downward dog pose. It was RIGHT when I first started doing yoga (barely could make it through 15 minutes!) I heard this inner voice say “I can’t be doing this shit…(referring to practicing yoga)…I’ve got laundry to do!!”

It was RIGHT then in that moment I KNEW our inner critic was full of shit. You ask how? Because…I don’t even DO the laundry!! It was very clear to me in that moment that our mental chatter needed to be put in check!

Yoga and guided meditations have helped me to find a space of total peace within myself that has me obsessed with wanting to create more of it in my life and show others how to create it within them. Plus, it sure is exhausting beating yourself up all the time. Stop doing it!! Loving yourself with total abandon creates freedom.

What are your career plans for your brand?

What’s so great about building your own brand is that you have complete control to create ANYTHING you want. #entrepreneurlife  My career plans for my brand are to build an empire of empowering girlboss badasses who are ready to start living a life they LOVE! My next steps will include creating LOADS of amazing content for my tribe, paid speaking gigs, high-fee coaching, destination retreats, online training courses, and whipping up an ebook or two. #dreambigright?


Grassroots hometown: Farmersville, Texas (Go Farmers!) Current Location: Frisco, Texas

What is your brand philosophy?

My brand philosophy is one fueled by love & passion that empowers women to remember how truly magnificent they are. To embrace your power and fall in love with your authentic self. To remind women they are creators. To inspire you to rise & shine from the inside. The Dalai Lama sums up my philosophy with the idea that “The world will be saved by the Western woman.” We’re here to bring the Light!

What inspires your personal spirituality?

I’m inspired in my personal spirituality by connecting with other like-minded women and supporting each other’s dream to live fully and to love freely. Spending time in yoga & meditation has played a huge role in my spirituality, as it has brought me closer to my most authentic self and allowed for room to grow in grace. Taking responsibility for all aspects of my life, including choosing joy always, wellness, acceptance and intimacy help to keep me on track with blossoming spiritually. Also, mindful conversations over hot tea with my husband always seems to stir up some super insightful consciousness concepts & ideas. (Gotta love an Aquarius!)

Tell us a little bit about you and your brand.

Hello! I’m Brittney Carmichael and my brand embodies bold passion + desire to create your best life. I inspire women to awaken their inner-beauty and SHINE from the inside.

What inspired you to create your amazing, resourceful brand?

I was inspired to create my brand by the amazing women who have sat in my salon chair and spilled their hearts about their worries + fears, goals + dreams, and some whacky shit I should probably write a book on someday. Being a tell-it-like-it-is kind of gal, I was able to listen to what it is they really wanted and help to guide them away from their bullshit excuses and toward taking action and making shit happen! This brand is to empower ALL women to RISE + SHINE!

What is your mission for empowering young women?

My mission for empowering young women is to build a belief within them that says they can accomplish anything they could ever imagine by focusing major passion + determination to achieve it. All is possible!!

What are your 5 key tips for women when pursuing dreams that seem like distant realities?

My 5 key tips for women pursuing their seemingly impossible dreams are:
1.) Believe – IT IS POSSIBLE! Always keep your mindset positive. Believe in yourself and know in your heart that you will achieve it.

2.) Clarity – Know your WHY!! Why do you wake up and do what you do? Who are YOU? Get super clear on your mission, so you can make intentional moves in the direction of your dreams.

3.) Ask for HELP! It’s totally ok (and even encouraged) to reach out to others for their support & input. Remember to do this with a grain of salt. Make sure you are sharing your dreams & passions with other like-minded and supportive girlbosses! Which leads me to… 

4.) Drop the drama! Let go of people, beliefs, the past and anything else that is holding you back from blossoming. As you create major good vibes in the world, you will start to shake off what no longer positively serves you. Let it all go.

5.) Act AS IF – Act as IF you were already the PERFECT version of yourself. Tell a new story. When you introduce yourself or get dressed in the morning, imagine your BEST self and then DO THAT. Refer to yourself as if you have already achieved that goal/desire, then it will magnetize itself to you because you’re telling the Universe that you are ready to receive it!

What are 3 essential resources that every professional lifestyle blogger should know?

3 Essential resources that every professional lifestyle blogger should know are:

1.) Creative Market for AMAZING fonts, graphics, templates and more!!

2.) A “pomodoro timer” to help manage your productivity. It is a preset timer that will go off after 25 minutes, followed by a 5 minute break, and then back to work for another 25.

3.) PicMonkey/Canva are free online tools to create and edit beautiful graphics for your blog.

Remember: Enjoy the Ride! “The journey is the reward.” -Steve Jobs

  1. Chele says:

    Great information! Glad I came across your page. I love your philosophy, which I also share. I blog to encourage, inspire and motivate others to want better. I look forward to reading more from you.

    • britcarmichael says:

      Thanks for the love Chele! I’m so happy you found my little home and glad we could connect. xo

  2. Jess says:

    Loved it! Thanks heaps Brittany . Your vibe in regards to young woman is similar to mine yaaaay so glad there’s peeps out there with the same support for them!

    • britcarmichael says:

      So glad you connected with this Jess! It’s such a beautiful time we’re witnessing. A shift from self-hate and sabotage to supporting sisterhood, growth, and transformation! xo


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