“Flow with whatever may happen, and let your mind be free: Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate.” ― Zhuangzi

When you hear the words peaceful + relaxed + chill – do you have a zen friend that instantly comes to mind?

Some people just give off good vibes and zen master-like patience no matter what life throws at them. You always find these people in a radiant & relaxed state, so it’s no wonder they can remain calm moment to moment.

Whether you’re in the mood to share good vibes by giving the gift of zen to a friend or if you’re looking to add a little more peacefulness into your own life, this gift guide is just what you need to take a (natural) chill pill and connect to your inner guru.

There’s no better way to say NAMASTE than with these next hand-selected items.

Below I’ve curated the ultimate gift guide—you might even be inspired to add to your own spiritual toolbox! Keep scrolling to see which items made the list…

Na-ma-ste: “I bow to the divine in you.”

  1. Natural Yoga Mat Spray, $10
    Clean up your sweaty yoga mat with this all natural spray.
  2. Prabhuji’s Hand Rolled Incense – Sahasrara Chakra, $5.99
    For those of you looking to awaken your Crown Chakra or anyone who loves a damn good smelling incense, this one is especially for you.
  3. Organic Rose Water Cleansing Foam, $39
    Anything from 100% Pure is divine. I especially love their Eucalyptus face scrub and the entire collection of lipstick!
  4. Himalayan Salt Lamp, $29.99
    These babies are full of uplifting benefits such as cleansing the air, reducing allergies, boost calmness, and improve sleep quality. Whoa. Get yourself one of these. These are especially great placed next to electronic devices.
  5. Stress Less Mandala Coloring Book, $10
    Coloring sheets are the “new wave” meditation. Not only does it bring you back to the moment, but also taps into creativity. (Check out my previous blog all about it + grab a FREE coloring mandala sheet)
  6. Bliss Oils – Essential Oils Organic Aromatherapy Top 4 Gift Set, $15.99
    This is the perfect starter set for anyone interested in dabbling with the healing power of essential oils.
  7. Essential Oil Diffuser, $39.99
    Every zen master needs an oil diffuser. Use this to “burn” your Zen Blend to promote a calm atmosphere and a peaceful aroma.
  8. Zenned Out Jewelry, $32+
    OBSESSED! Literally ANYTHING from Zenned Out is outta-this-world A-MAZING. Period. Go check it out!
  9. Buddha Board, $34.95
    Such a nifty idea for creatives who have a hard time LETTING GO. This board magically disappears after you “paint” on it. Allow creativity to flow and LET GO.
  10. Zen Blend Essential Oil, $9.99
    Use this Zen Blend in your oil diffuser to create good vibes all around.
  11. The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith by Gabrielle Bernstein, $14.99
    Gabby has done it again. Loved her book May Cause Miracles, but this book is all about sneaking past that inner critic so you can begin to effortlessly co-create with the Universe.
  12. 7 Chakra Votive Fragrance Candles, $15.99
    Balance your chakras with these color coded and scented candles. Each candle resonates to the frequency of your chakras to help align your energy.
  13. Mosaic Mudra Divine Legging from Daughters of Culture, $88
    So stinkin’ cute. These leggings are divinely inspired and support sisterhood.
  14. Spiritual Gangster Clothing, $38+
    What can I say? I’m a sucker for some Spiritual Gangster attire.
  15. Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte, $44
    This handy little planner kept me accountable for staying on track with my soul’s goals and helped me to create clarity on how I want to FEEL. A must.
  16. Alex and Ani Lotus Peace Petals Bracelet, $38
    If you haven’t heard of Alex and Ani yet, I’m not sure what cave you’ve been hiding in. This beautiful company creates meaningful messages behind each of their items and donates portions of proceeds to multiple charities. WIN-WIN!
  17. SUNYIK Tibetan Buddhist Mala Bracelet, $9.99
    Meditation and Mala beads go hand in hand. Literally. Use these mala beads to help you stay focused and present by counting each bead during mediation.
  18. pureSOL Organic Bath Bombs Gift Set, $35.99
    Relax! Even yogis and zen masters need to soak it out in a hot Epsom salt bath.
  19. Dharma Yoga Prop Wheel, $55
    What the heck is a Dharma wheel you ask? It’s a neat contraption that is used to help you stretch deeper into postures and create more spinal flexibility. (An old yogi saying is that “your age is reflected by the flexibility of your spine.”) Get to work.
  20. Assorted Crystals, $14.99
    All magic-makers need a set of shiny new crystals. Crystals help to clear energy from mind, body, and your environment. Crystals can be used for energetic healing and protection. 

I want to give you a little somethin’-somethin’

How would you like to RELAX? Well, I’m going to share my secret of HOW I find myself feeling zen + peaceful on a daily basis.

I’ve created for you a FREE Self-Love Guided Meditation that you can download here and listen to on a daily basis. This audio will help to guide you back to your center of calm, connect with your inner guide, and create clarity + confidence all while peacefully relaxing. 

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