This year has been one helluva ride hasn’t it?

Earlier this year I was guided to start sharing my love of tarot with the world. I began creating Facebook Live videos each week called Woo Woo Wednesday where I would share spiritual insights through the tool of tarot.

I’ve been practicing daily tarot reading for myself about 4 years now, only after a mind-blowing (and belief busting) experience with my first encounter with a psychic. I use the tool of tarot to connect with my Higher Self and gain intuitive guidance + clarity that comes through quiet knowing. 

In this video, not only shares the wisdom of the week (trust me – it’s a MAGICAL one!) based on what cards come up, but I’ll share how I began my journey to becoming a psychic medium. (This stuff is hair-raisinggoosebumps all over kinda stuff.)

Interested in a 1:1 reading with Brit?


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