Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn | Rebirthing Yourself

This New Moon in Capricorn brings CHANGE and unlimited potential.

We start off 2019 with a partial solar eclipse that encourages you to step outside your comfort zone and commit to CHANGE. 
Your new path may not be totally clear at the moment, but if you create mindful morning rituals and feel your way through the day by following your inner guidance, you’ll find yourself breaking down belief barriers that once held you back.
Change can be scary to our ego because we’re so used to things being a “certain way”.
Give your inner mean girl the heads up that this is YOUR year of ditching self-doubt.

You don’t discover your purpose because you are the purpose.

Stop worrying about the future and playing victim to your past. Move through your fear and practice being present from moment to moment by bringing your focus to one task at hand and trust the process. 

Use this fresh start as permission to leave the past behind, ditch the self-doubt, and embrace your most authentic self.

Dream big. Believe anything is possible. Trust the process.

If you’re ready to put your manifesting skills to the test, then I invite you to learn How to perform a New Moon Manifesting Ritual.

This will help you to plant the seed of desire in your heart and ignite your imagination to start manifesting magic.

Comment below and let me know what you’re intending to manifest on this New Moon! 



new moon manifesting ritual

This year’s intuitive forecast is showing that love and blessings will fill your life. You’ve been working on cultivating harmonious relationships with your family and you will experience the feeling of “happily ever after.” Now is a good time to bring any relationship that is suffering to the forefront. Either release it or heal it, but now is the time to heal your connections.

If you are looking for a sign to move forward with a new project, the Page of Swords says, ‘Go for it!’ There will always be challenges with whatever way you choose, and not everyone will support your choices. Have the courage to follow your passions and express yourself in new ways.

There is A LOT to accomplish this year so it’s important to have a detailed plan of what steps are required for you to reach your desires. Stick to your plan but stay flexible along the way. Your angels are watching out for you. xo


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  1. I have been trying to leave my past behind for sometime. But i want to know when you have trauma and your still healing from traumatic events how do you deal with your baggage and your past story when you have a new partner. I happy to tell my story but by going back there does that make you fall into the victim cycle again. Because i know now all these things iv been through have had lessons. I wouldn’t change a thing.

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