“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”
― Willie Nelson

You’re only as strong as your self-talk. If your inner negative nancy is firing up, then your confidence is most likely going to be lacking.

Most don’t even realize that you have an inner dialogue within yourself, constantly affecting your confidence and awareness.

One of the things that we found happy, successful people do in their lives is that they talk about themselves in a way that inspires them. In ways that makes them proud, and delighted to be their own cheerleader. But this doesn’t always come naturally to everyone, it can be a journey to discovering what negative self-talk is happening in your brain.

In this episode of The Elevated Life®, we’re sharing “2 Tips to Stop Negative Self Talk.” If you’re trying to put an end to the negative nancy in your head, then this episode is a must listen!

Tune in to hear:

✨ Why you need to bring awareness to your inner self talk
✨ How what you say and think about yourself affects your confidence
✨ The difference between fear based thoughts and uplifting thoughts
✨ What your missing out on when you’re sleep-thinking through your life
✨ Ways to kick the negative self talk and bring more positivity to your thoughts

Tips to Stop Negative Self Talk

Step 1: Conduct a 24 Hour Review

Have you ever taken the time to actually notice and recognize what thoughts are running through your head on a daily basis?

The first step to creating change is to bring awareness to the problem, so your higher self can form a solution. Conduct a twenty-four-hour review and bring awareness to what you’re doing, what you’re saying in your head, and the words coming out of your mouth. This could be about yourself, your life, situations you encounter, your environment, etc.

When conducting this review, it’s essential to be intentional and focused. Set reminders for yourself if you need to, come back into your body, and recognize the areas that you had spoken confidently about yourself and when you spoke negatively.

Step 2: Reframe Your Thoughts

It’s going to feel uncomfortable doing this at first, and that’s what can make you feel angry about this process. It’s sad to recognize that we are in our comfort zone when we put ourselves down with negative self-talk. But just as it is with any new habit, the uncomfortableness will fade away, and you will be left with a beautiful new mindset.

When you begin to reframe your thoughts, it’s so important to make sure that you are only thinking and saying things that you would want to 100% be true.

Highlights from this episode:

[01:06] Why your confidence and self worth is lacking

[01:55] What we’ve discovered that most successful and happy people do

[06:12] How to forgive yourself of the stories you’ve kept in your head

[07:26] Noticing where in your life  you are limiting yourself and making yourself smaller

[09:47] How staying in your comfort zone is keeping you from living a life pull of positivity

[11:49] Why you shouldn’t “fake it till you make it”

[13:41] The most powerful manifesting tool you have

[15:33] What happens when you realize you are the creator of your life

[18:46] How to use your brain to attract what you desire

[20:06] Make a decision today

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