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Do you have any barriers that are keeping you from having a healthy sex life?

Susan Bratton, “Intimacy Expert to Millions” is a champion and advocate for all those who desire intimacy and passion their whole life long. She’s created hundreds of techniques that transform “having sex” into making love and is the world’s most well-respected sexual biohacker. Susan’s passion for wellness and sex positivity has made her a trusted resource for those looking to improve their sex lives.

In this episode of The Elevated Life, we’re sharing “Breaking Down Barriers for a Healthy Sex Life with Susan Bratton” so you can have a sex life filled with passion, pleasure, and healing. If you desire to prioritize communication, pleasure, and connection in your sex life, then this episode is for you!

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Do you want to master communication in every area of your life?

Effective communication is one of the most critical skills we can develop in our personal and professional lives. In fact, words only account for 7%, so it’s important that we learn all facets of communication because it’s the foundation for building strong relationships, fostering trust, and achieving our goals.

In this episode of The Elevated Life, we’re sharing “5 Powerful Strategies to Master Communication” so you can build stronger relationships in every area of your life. If you want to learn valuable tips for mastering communication and improving your personal and professional relationships, then this episode is for you!

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Have you been lost on the steps you need to take to turn your passion into profit?

Miriam Schulman is a believer in the power of art to transform and uplift humanity. Having experienced her own existential crisis during pivotal moments, she understands the need for meaning and purpose in life – a need that art can fulfill. She believes that all artists have a responsibility to share their creations with the world, as others need their art as much as they need to create it. Our conversation together brought up the deeper meaning behind marketing and that it’s not just a way of promoting yourself, but a means of reaching those who could benefit from witnessing your art.

In this episode of The Elevated Life, we’re sharing “5 Steps to Turn Your Passion into Profit with Miriam Schulman” so you can get insights on what makes a business thrive, how self-doubt can hold you back, and how to overcome limiting beliefs. If you want to start making a profit from the things in life you’re passionate about, then don’t miss this episode!

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Are you ready to skyrocket your productivity and crush your goals this summer?

It can be frustrating and demotivating when you feel like you’re not making progress toward your goals no matter how hard you try. But luckily, there are a few ways to improve your productivity and start making real progress.

In this episode of The Elevated Life, we’re sharing “10 Habits to Skyrocket Your Productivity and Crush Your Goals” so you can develop the productive habits you need to set you on the path to success long-term. If you’re looking to be more productive and successful in your daily life, then don’t miss this episode!





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