“Later in life you start to realize that failure is probably the key ingredient to success. And that the whole disappointment is just going to propel you forward.” Chris Carmichael


Have you ever wanted to take a peek inside the mind of Chris Carmichael?

To celebrate his birthday this week, I interviewed Chris all about his childhood, his experience dealing with his parents divorce, and how all of this shaped him to be the person he is today.

In this episode of The Elevated Life podcast, we’re sharing “A Peek Inside the Mind of Chris Carmichael” to find out where he comes from, where he’s going, and what goes on inside the mind of his. If you’ve ever wanted to take a peek into Chris’s Aquarius mind, then this episode is for you!

Tune in to hear:

✨ How being angry manifested to Chris wanting something different in life

✨ The exact moment that changed Chris’s future

✨ How Chris’s experience in private school shaped him

✨ Where Chris sees himself in the next 5-50 years


A Peek Inside the Mind of Chris Carmichael

What were your goals and dreams as a kid?

It’s funny; I didn’t have big dreams for the future. I didn’t want a castle or a Ferrari. I mean, cars were cool, but my favorite thing to do when I was a kid, and not much has changed, was taking long walks. I love being around silence. The feeling you get, especially if you get out early in the morning and the air’s a little crisp. It has that bite to it where if you breathe too much, your throat burns. I like enjoying the sounds of nature, being out in nature, and hearing the leaves crinkle. So my vision as a kid was just out in nature more because I lived in the city, and to me, being in nature was freedom. The big dreams were getting as close to that as possible while still being comfortable.

If you could go back and give your younger self any advice, what would it have been?

Chill out! I think we live life really rushed. When we’re younger, we’re always looking to the next age. You want to be 16 to get a car and then 21 so you can drink, and it’s like we’re always looking to the next thing instead of staying in the present and just living. When I was younger, I was always thinking about the next thing I had to prepare for. So I think I would tell myself, “Hey man, just slow down a bit. Spend more time on those walks you love so much. Get outside more.” 

Where do you see yourself going in the next five to 50 years?

The thing that interests me the most is altered states. We can experience so many different states of being, but we only operate out of a few. Joy is a state of being, depression is a state of being, and so many others are available to us, but we haven’t found them or figured out how to use them to their fullest potential. So in the future, I hope to keep expanding my capacity to find altered states and help others do the same. If we can change our thought patterns, we can drastically change our outcomes, so I want to keep exploring this and how we can reach this point of change faster.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

The best piece of advice I’ve been given comes from my mom. She says, “the answer is no if you don’t ask.” And for me, that always gives me permission to try for a yes. There’s no reason not to! You might as well try and see what happens. Maybe you can get a better “no” or a small “yes,” It’s surprising how often we limit ourselves and how often one yes can have a huge impact if we let it. Sometimes, it’s only a no in our heads, and the person is just waiting for us to ask.


Highlights from this episode:

(2:41) Celebrating yourself 

(4:22) The earliest memory that Chris remembers

(6:20) Chris’s biggest goals and dreams when he was little

(8:09) A big surprise about Chris’s childhood

(11:17) How Chris’s experience in private school shaped him

(17:13) Dealing with divorce and Chris’s relationship with his parents

(20:18) How anger manifested to wanting something different in life

(24:14) The importance of men listening to their emotions 

(26:48) Chris’s favorite memories from school

(30:00) What advice Chris would give to his younger self 

(32:31) Chris’s experience in college and discovering his path 

(36:52) The exact moment that changed Chris’s future

(38:30) Other jobs Chris had before discovering real estate 

(39:59) Chris’s passion for reading

(44:06) What Chris is curious to learn more about 

(48:15) Where Chris sees himself in the next 5-50 years!


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