“Every birthday is a gift. Every day is a gift.” – Aretha Franklin

Why You Should Celebrate Everyday Like It’s Your Birthday

It’s my birthday week!

If you’ve known me for more than 3 seconds, you probably know I love counting down to my birthday. But lately I’ve been thinking, why do we have this extra buzz on our birthday for the ones that do celebrate and why not carry that into every single day?

In this episode of The Elevated Life, we’re sharing “Celebrate Everyday Like it’s Your Birthday” and talking about why it’s important to celebrate every single day, especially if it’s your birthday. This episode will have you expressing gratitude for life and celebrating the small wins!

Tune in to hear:

✨ Yearly rituals we integrate on our birthdays

✨ How to recognize your small wins

✨ The power in celebrating and honoring yourself

✨ Rituals to celebrate your loved ones on Halloween

Celebrate Everyday Like it’s Your Birthday

Write Yourself a Birthday Card

Every single year for my birthday, I write myself a birthday card with all the things that I’m interested in, curious about, proud of, afraid of, and that I’m dreaming of. I write all of those on a big, beautiful birthday card, seal it up, and I put the birthday number. I save them in a trinket treasure box for when I turn 50. Then, I’m going to open up all of the letters that I’ve been writing myself to see what I’ve done. It’s a special moment you can incorporate for yourself every year to check-in

Recognize the Meaning Behind Celebration

The more often we celebrate and remember that things are so much more wonderful than we pretend, the better all of your experiences are. Naming things brings meaning, so when you call something a ritual or celebration, it brings a different energy and essence to it.

Celebrating the Small Wins

If you wait to recognize your big goals, or until the end of that project to finally celebrate and look how far you’ve come, it’s going to be short-lived because you’re already going to be on to the next thing. Instead, celebrate the small wins. Don’t just wait till your birthday or until you reach that goal or achieve that thing. Turn every single day and every step you take towards a goal into a celebration so that you have that built-in motivation to keep going.

Highlights from this episode:

[03:50] – The importance of honoring yourself.

[06:38] – How celebrations bring people together.

[08:56] – Celebrating the small wins.

[11:46] – Gratitude is a gift you give yourself nonstop.

[13:48] – Halloween rituals you can incorporate this season.

[17:38] – Find those things that are meaningful to you and make sure that you’re doing them.

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