“Intuition is seeing with the soul.” – Deen Koontz

Are you new to the woo and want to start reading oracle cards?

I started reading oracle cards many years ago, and never dreamed that I would eventually be doing readings for others and releasing my own deck, the Shine from the Inside Oracle.

When I first started on my spiritual journey, I craved confirmation that I wasn’t crazy! My soul was telling me to start courses, lead circles for women, and be a light for others, but at times I struggled with fear and doubt.

Each card in the Shine for the Inside Oracle™ represents the wisdom I’ve gained by kicking my fears to the curb and manifesting my dreams.

Reading oracle cards is a pull-and-play experience that is based on your own intuition.

If you’re new to woo-woo practices and want to get started without learning a more complex system like tarot, oracle cards are a great place to start! Learn the difference between tarot vs oracle cards here.

Today I’m going to share some simple steps you can take to start reading oracle cards.

Choose a Deck By What Feels Good

My Shine from the Inside Oracle is all about awakening your authentic self, overcoming fears and going after your big dreams, but there are so many types of oracle decks to choose from.

One of the most frequent questions asked about tarot is what deck should you start with. Whether you want an oracle deck based on animal guidance, messages from angels, or anything else you can think of, just make sure to choose a deck that you will pick up and use. Here are 2 easy ways to cleanse the energy of your new deck to clear the juju.

Ask a Simple Question

Unlike reading tarot, you do not need to lay out elaborate spreads or memorize anything in order to use oracle cards.

Try these 3 easy oracle card spreads for success.

All you have to do is ask a question, which will help you intuit the meaning of your card.

Keep it simple! Here are some examples:

* What do I need to know right now?

* What is stopping me from achieving my highest level of confidence?

* Where do I need to focus my energy?

Hold this question in your mind as you shuffle your deck and draw your card.

Shuffle Your Deck

You don’t need to overthink this step! I simply hold the cards in one hand and transfer them to my other hand.

Notice if a card jumps out as you’re shuffling: that’s usually a sign that you need to pay attention!

Discover the Meaning of Your Card

You might find that after you draw a card, you don’t need to pick up the guidebook because you already know exactly what to do!

Use your intuition to determine what the card is trying to tell you and then allow that message to guide your thoughts and actions throughout the day.

Remember: We don’t use the cards to seek external guidance, we use them to tap into our own internal guidance and wisdom.

Tune in and share any questions you have about oracle in the comments below. Bonus: Share your favorite oracle decks!

Want to learn how to use oracle cards in your self-care rituals?

In Oracle 101, you’ll learn how to connect with oracle cards to develop your intuition and reclaim your confidence. If you’re new to the woo, then this empowering oracle class is great to get started with building healthy habits into your daily rituals.

Creating easy self-care rituals has shown to increase mindfulness and reduce stress so I’m going to teach you my favorite tool to help you commit to your self-love: oracle cards!

Empaths, lightworkers, and healers tend to not know how to set boundaries (guilt-free) and stop overgiving which leads to massive burnout and even physical issues.

You’ll learn how to easily start using oracle cards as your go-to ritual for self-care so you have constant clarity along your spiritual journey.

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