“All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.” -Earl Nightingale

“I started 2018 feeling really low…like everything I most desired was out of reach for me.

To be honest, I also felt ugly and drab. I searched externally for anything that would give me some kind of feeling of beauty and LIGHTNESS within.

I was barely working as I didn’t feel like I was living my message. I knew inside that there was a deeper purpose for my gifts, waiting to be uncovered.

And I felt utterly stuck living in a city that I didn’t like.

It was time to get help.

I started asking the Universe to send me someone that was where I longed to be.

I needed to “see” what the expanded version of me looked like.

Shortly after, the big U put Brittney Carmichael on my path.

I knew the second I saw her, that she would change my life.

I took the leap and signed up to work with her the same day we connected on the phone.

Barely SIX MONTHS later, I barely recognize the life I’ve manifested including a move to a new city I LOVE.

I am experiencing more prosperity than ever before. My health has improved in big ways and my work has transformed! But the most impactful shift happened on the inside.

The way I see the world is different.

The way I see my story is different.

The way I see myself is different.

I see beauty all around me…as well as when I look in the mirror. I’ve organically lost a dress size, no dieting!

Yesterday I faced some HUGE fears + anxiety by getting on a plane alone to travel to Texas and meet the goddess who has walked with me throughout this transformational journey.

Sitting across from Brittney and her Hubby Chris was the culmination of so much hard work, healing and transformation.

They welcomed me into their world with so much love!

Being with people who inspire me, that live with such truth and authenticity blows my mind!

I feel so ready to step into this next phase in my life.

Anything is possible and for the first time, I truly believe that where I most want to be is possible for me.

I’m halfway there already!

Friends, don’t give up on your dreams. Don’t linger in darkness or feelings of helplessness. Call in YOUR SOUL MEDICINE & believe in YOU! 💖

Completing my transformation by having my hair done by Brittney herself today at OMGhairstyles!” -Stacey M. Fruits

Meet Stacey.
One of my former coaching clients who always said during every coaching call, “You’re going to do my hair one day.”

I believed her…and so did the Universe.

Her husband reached out and collaborated the surprise visit to my salon OMGhairstyles.

Stacey was finally able to complete her transformation – inside and out.

After a day of pampering Stacey at my salon, we hit up my favorite local restaurant True Food Kitchen before heading to my New Moon Goddess Gathering in Dallas.

Talk about a POWERFUL weekend of magic making together.

It has been so beautiful to watch Stacey’s journey unfold.

I’ve got to be honest and say I don’t think I’ve met someone who has overcome more FUCKED UP challenges in life and come out on the other side of trauma with such grace.

Stacey, you inspire me.

I wanted to share a little of her journey with you in hopes that you too embrace the opportunity of change.

Transform yourself.

Reinvent yourself.

It’s time to release the old version of you.

The people-pleasing you.

The you that’s hiding behind a mask.

Let your authentic self emerge (rainbow hair and all!).

If you’re reading this right now…know this…


I’ve got your back and I want to hold this sacred space for you too!

Book a VIP day with me here.

Comment below (because I personally read these messages) and let me know how I can support you along your journey of self-discovery.

You are meant to SHINE! ✨


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