“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” -Bindi Irwin

This is your Love Note to remind you that beauty begins within.

Do ever feel the discomfort of conformity? 

We’re constantly being bombarded with marketing ads and magazines with the latest trends + fashions that are set up in such a way that says – If you don’t buy this then you’re not as cool, as pretty, as good as THESE people who “have it.” 

Whatever the next “it” may be.

But the truth is, you don’t need the latest lipstick or the newest outfit to be beautiful.

We’ve spent way too long searching for acceptance and love from others. 

If I say what you want me to say, maybe you will like me.

If I look a certain way, maybe you will accept me.

If I do this for you, maybe you will love me. 

Fuck that. 

Beauty begins within and it’s a choice you make. 

The moment you choose to reclaim your power from other’s perspective and choose to LOVE YOURSELF, you’ll create the ULTIMATE FREEDOM from fear. 

When you have the courage to show up in each moment as your authentic self, you are giving your greatest gift to the world.

If you’ve spent a lifetime of hiding behind the mask of people pleasing and pretending than I’ve got something verrry special for you! 

In a few days, I’ll be opening up my FREE 4-part video empowerment series: Awaken Your Authentic Self where I’ll teach you the tools + techniques I used to get outside my comfort zone and discover who I really am. 

Warning! This empowerment series is designed to create powerful transformations to help you break free of the fears, beliefs, and limiting labels that hold you back from being TRUE to you.

I look forward to sharing my life’s passion with you in this free training. Be sure to join the tribe to receive an exclusive email invitation to join this incredible self-discovery journey that begins on Monday!

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Are you ready to rise and SHINE your beautiful light into the world?

The world needs your unique sparkle magic. 

Stop hiding. xo

I’m curious to know…

How would it feel to show up in every moment as your AUTHENTIC SELF? 

Remember: Your voice inspires others. Feel free to leave as much detail as possible. Your story matters!

I appreciate the time you share with me on this journey. I love sharing my thoughts and ideas with you and hope you’ll do the same!

Leave your thoughts, ideas, questions, and comments below.

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  1. Kim says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I SO needed to hear this today Brittney. I am owning my own voice but it is still a challenge for me to this day. Fear of rejection is such a waste time but it sometimes feels like it is a “built in” fear in this society.


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