“Be bold, be brave enough to be your true self.”
-Queen Latifah

This is your Love Note to remind you to Follow Your Intuition

And to take it even one step further…

Are you ACTING on the guidance you’ve been receiving? 

Most likely it will be asking you to step outside your comfort zone and that’s when FEAR jumps in and tries to protect the past version of you. 

Your inner voice whispers words of love and kindness – notice them. 

Your ego SHOUTS in fear, stress, worry, and anxiety. 

I KNOW you are smart.

And brave.

When I ask you to tell the trust, what I’m asking is for you to speak the Truth to your Self. 

What has your soul been craving?

What does she desire?

Stop waiting for permission to take a different path in life and just fucking GO FOR IT! 

Oh, and don’t take any shit either. xo

I’m curious to know…

What has your intuition been saying to you lately? 

Remember: Your voice inspires others. Feel free to leave as much detail as possible. Your story matters!

I appreciate the time you share with me on this journey. I love sharing my thoughts and ideas with you and hope you’ll do the same!

Leave your thoughts, ideas, questions, and comments below.

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The Elevated Life: Intuition. What is it and how to use it.

Clearly from the screenshot I’ve got something to share when it comes to trusting your intuition.

We were all born with magical powers inside of us called intuition. Intuition is described as “knowing beyond logic” so to me that means MAGIC if the mind can’t comprehend it.

In this lesson, we’ll share the BREAKTHROUGH moment in our life when we finally became aware of this internal voice and how it saved our lives. Intuition and self-esteem go hand in hand and we’ll share with you how you can begin to develop the confidence in accessing your intuition for guidance and clarity.


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