“Always listen to your HEART. The wisdom of your heart is the connection to your authentic power – the true home of your spirit.” ―Angie Karan


This is your Love Note to remind you to go after what your HEART wants.

Ask yourself: “What do I REALLY want?”

Get quiet and LISTEN

Tune into that quiet still voice within. 

You’ve got to quiet down the mind so you can tune into your Truth. 

What is she saying to you?

Can you hear her calling? 

What do you want? 

What do you need? 

Are you willing to let go of the past so you can embrace the future

NOW is the time to go after what your heart wants. 

Let your souls calling be heard.

Stand firm in your Truth. 

Claim your personal power. 

Say it with me: IT’S MY TIME TO SHINE! 

When you let your heart lead the way, you allow your soul to shine. 

Stop making decisions in your headspace. 

Instead – ask the question and move your awareness down into your body and FEEL the answer. 

Watch how the subtle energy changes when you weight both options with the body. 

Trust how you FEEL and go after what your HEART wants! xo

I’m curious to know…

What does your heart want? 

Remember: Your voice inspires others. Feel free to leave as much detail as possible. Your story matters!

I appreciate the time you share with me on this journey. I love sharing my thoughts and ideas with you and hope you’ll do the same! Leave your thoughts, ideas, questions and comments below.

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