“A problem can not be solved by the same consciousness in which it arose.” – Albert Einstein

Altered states are one of the most important things you can be spending your time focused on.

In our everyday normal waking consciousness, there’s not a lot of change that can happen. Yes, we can go about our normal tasks, but oftentimes when we want some kind of transformation in our lives, it’s going to take an altered state to get there.

In this episode of The Elevated Life podcast, “Sex, Drugs, and Altered States” Chris shares his insight so you can learn how to access different levels of consciousness. If you have ever wondered how to access different areas of your mind, don’t miss this episode!

Tune in to hear:

✨ What is an altered state and how you can get into one

✨ Chris’s recommendation when beginning with altered states

✨ The 3 mistakes people make when using drugs as an altered state

✨ What being in an altered state can teach you about yourself

Sex, Drugs, and Altered States

What is an Altered State?

An altered state is any consciousness level or mental awareness that’s different than your waking one. It’s different than what you normally use through your everyday life.

How Can You Use Altered States?

It’s how we use the state that determines what kind of experience we have and whether we end up controlling it, or it ends up controlling us. It’s important to know what state you need to be in at any given moment.

Ways to Tap into An Altered State

We go in and out of altered states all day long. When you are sleeping, eating food, having intense emotions, meditating, breathwork, having sex, doing drugs; it’s an altered state. There’s so much power in these different realms of thinking.

Highlights from this episode:

(01:46) What is an altered state? 

(04:49) How to approach sex in a different way to reach an altered state.

(06:55) We are in different altered states all day long.

(08:40) If you have had a bad experience with drugs, you probably did 1 of these 3 things.

(10:34) How to use your dreams to reach an altered state.

(12:44) Why a lot of talk therapies don’t bring radical transformation immediately. 

(13:39) What Chris learned from his second mushroom experience.

(18:17) Chris’s recommendation when beginning with altered states.

(22:11) The most important thing you can be doing right now.

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